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Above knee amputation 04 19.05% Total 21 100% Table 3: Showing Distribution of Cases According to Pathological Lesion Sl.
"The second option was above knee amputation and the third was rotationplasty.
* And, last but not least, patient's expectations [4] In practice means that, for example, counter to the fourth rule presented above, AKA might be preferable to TKA if satisfactory through knee prostheses are not available while above knee amputations are, or for patient with lower expected functional recovery (elderly with comorbidities) or for whom cosmetic result is more of a concern than functional recovery.
We note that the GMC's expert, Mr Macdonald, acknowledges that there is a possibility that 'patient A (Mrs Richards)' would have had to have undergone an above knee amputation at some stage in the future."
He was confined to bed, secondary to right above knee amputation following a motor vehicle accident 25 years earlier.
Distribution According to Level of Amputation Level Total % AKA 23 48.9 BKA 20 42.6 KD 1 2.1 TA 3 6.4 Total 47 100 Legend: AKA Above Knee Amputation BKA Below Knee Amputation KD Knee Disarticulation TA Toes Amputation Table 5.
Backstein, "Above knee amputation following total knee arthroplasty: when enough is enough," Journal of Arthroplasty, vol.
The amputation rate is 10% i.e 1 patient underwent syme's amputation, 3 patients underwent below knee amputation and 2 patients underwent above knee amputation. Average duration of hospital stay was about 5-6 days.
Toe amputation accounted for 5.8%, above knee amputation was 0.18% while major amputation was in 1.3%.
World statistics show that when walking even with the best of prosthesis, mortality at 5 years after unilateral below knee amputation is 50%, and there is 50% mortality after above knee amputation in 3 years, due to cardiac failure.
Four out of five cases of lower limb amputations had below knee amputation and in one case above knee amputation had to be done.
"When you attended hospital in 2004 and 2005, suffering from problems with your below knee amputation stump, further investigation should have been performed before proceeding to an above knee amputation. "Failure to do so represented a breach of the duty of care owed to you by the health board's staff.