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A/MAbove Mentioned
A/MAeromobile (Italian: airplane)
A/MApproach and Moor (US DoD)
A/MAway Message (AOL Instant Messaging)
A/MAutomatic / Manual
A/MArea to Mass Ratio (measurement)
A/MAmpere Per Meter
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For as there are persons who, by conscious art or mere habit, imitate and represent various objects through the medium of colour and form, or again by the voice; so in the arts above mentioned, taken as a whole, the imitation is produced by rhythm, language, or 'harmony,' either singly or combined.
There are, again, some arts which employ all the means above mentioned, namely, rhythm, tune, and metre.
The first of the above mentioned views was, at present, uppermost in his mind--the exploring of unknown regions.
Several large islands certainly exist in the lake; one of which is said to be mountainous, but not by any means to the extent required to furnish the series of peaks above mentioned.
Before we took shipping, I was often asked by some of the crew, whether I had performed the ceremony above mentioned? I evaded the question by general answers; "that I had satisfied the Emperor and court in all particulars." However, a malicious rogue of a skipper went to an officer, and pointing to me, told him, "I had not yet trampled on the crucifix;" but the other, who had received instructions to let me pass, gave the rascal twenty strokes on the shoulders with a bamboo; after which I was no more troubled with such questions.
But these marks do not seem to be impressed upon the isinglass substance above mentioned, but seem to be seen through it, as if they were engraved upon the body itself.
Their visit did not continue long after the question and answer above mentioned; and while Mr.
Under PSDP 2019-20, Rs 20 million released for establishment of plant breeders rights registry and strengthening of DUS examination system and Rs10 million for better cotton initiatives respectively to enhance cotton production in the country as an amount of Rs100 million and Rs50 million had been allocated for both above mentioned projects.
The fund may receive donations from both domestic, international donors and contributions from abroad which will be received at all branches of above mentioned banks where such branches exist.
However, the students of PhD hailing from the above mentioned less developed areas of the country can benefit from the scheme by seeking admission in any HEC recognized public sector university in the county.
This application is accompanied by; (a) Two copies of the Rules of the Club; (b) List containing the names and addresses of the Committee of Management of the Club; (c) The names of all the members of the Club; (d) A Certificate in the form as set out in the First Schedule to the above mentioned Act of 1904 duly signed as in the said Statute provided; (e) [euro] 655.00 stamps being the prescribed fee.