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The trough from south Gujarat up to the cyclonic circulation associated with the depression over northwest Bay of Bengal across north Maharashtra, south Chhattisgarh and south Odisha extending between 3.6 and 7.6 km above mean sea level, tilting southwards with height persists.
For spotted owlet, the elevation of the nests above mean sea level ranged from 615m to 717 m; the first nest was located in a cavity in the trunk of large ber tree at Kalinger valley sampling point "A".
Additionally, the tower at this unauthorized site is allegedly at an overall height above mean sea level 57 feet higher than licensed.
These TTPs, as explained to Armada by NSHQ sources, require aircraft and parachute materiel capable of low level flights and insertion of operators at altitudes as low as 600ft (182m) above mean sea level. Upon landing, parachutes can then be 'cached' or buried under the snow or in tree lines to avoid detection during the conduct of a mission, the source added.
It is situated at latitude 34deg02' and longitude 71 deg28' and about 1177ft above mean sea level. Construction ofresidential:flats and research laboratories is proposed by the National Centre ofExcellence in Geologyand the University ofAgriculture, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Height of the coffer dam (1,512 feet above mean sea level) was ascertained in consultation with the Indus River System Authority (IRSA).
1512 feet above mean sea level was ascertained in consultation with Indus River System Authority (IRSA) and keeping in view the water inflow pattern to the reservoir, where construction work can be continued until the reservoir level is reached 1483 feet.
The landfill, however, the committee was told, is now just 200 feet above mean sea level.
Raw GPS altitude is relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid, which is an approximation of the earth's surface, and close to the height above mean sea level. The iPad corrects for this to provide your true height above mean sea-level (subject to slight errors due to satellite geometry).
A recently circulated newsletter from Kariba's Marineland harbor and Kingdom Calls Managing Director Bob Collett, who monitors daily levels at the harbor as well as daily turbine discharges, shows that the current lake level (at end of September 2015) is 479.51m AMSL (above mean sea level) which is 5.34m lower than the same time in 2014 and only 3.54m above the recent all-time low in 1992 of 475.97m AMSL.
Early analysis of photographs and satellite imagery suggests that the debris and ice, which have accumulated in the past near an elevation of about 4,500 metres above mean sea level as a result of ice avalanches and rock, fall from Langtang Lirung,"the first ever detailed report, with a database of 250 landslides, says.