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Choosing a sheltered nook, he piled together a few dried branches and made a blazing fire, at which his companions might warm themselves, for they were now nearly five thousand feet above the sea level, and the air was bitter and keen.
One could imagine, therefore, that if one had to search for survivors one would turn one's eyes with best hopes of success to some Tibetan village or some Alpine farm, many thousands of feet above the sea level.
The tourist was trekking the highest peak in the country which is over 1,910m above the sea level, when he fell off the mountain, a senior police officer said.
very cold weather, but Aghitu-3 is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above the sea level.
Television channels showed images of a stretch of rocky terrain rising above the sea level, with a crowd of bewildered people gathering on the shore to witness the rare phenomenon.
This dam, located about 300 meters above the sea level, was established three years ago at a cost of SR 200 million," the minister said.
This means that strong quakes are fixed on Shiveluch, and it can spew ash over eight kilometers above the sea level.
Hirakawa examined geological layers around 6 kilometers away from the Higashidori plant and located 5 meters above the sea level in mid-July.
5 (5 feet) above the sea level - bringing home the fact that the issue of climate change is already reality in the Maldives.
000 feet above the sea level, the Siachen Glacier lies in very difficult hilly
The man got the stroke around noon on Thursday in the Tipitsite area at about 2600 m above the sea level.
32 feet above the sea level, while its dead level is 1,378 feet.