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ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (US Department of Justice)
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluid
ATFAlcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
ATFAdvanced Technology Fighter
ATFAlcohol Treatment Facility
ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
ATFAgainst the Flow
ATFActivating Transcription Factor
ATFAttack the Future (Boise State sports; Boise, ID)
ATFAll the Fundamentals (various organizations)
ATFAmount to Finance (loans)
ATFAround the Fur (Deftones album)
ATFArab Thought Foundation
ATFAmerican Track and Field (publication; Shooting Star Media, Inc.; Wisconsin)
ATFAfter the Fact
ATFArmored Task Force (warfare game simulation)
ATFAJAX Toolkit Framework
ATFAustralian Task Force
ATFAviation Turbine Fuel
ATFASEAN Tourism Forum (annual travel convention)
ATFAfter the Fire (Band)
ATFAcquire the Fire
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter
ATFAfter the Fall
ATFApplication Transport Failover
ATFArchitecture Task Force
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluids
ATFApplication Transparent Failover
ATFAdobe Type Font
ATFAdobe Transfer Functions
ATFAutomatic Tracking Following
ATFAscii Text Format
ATFAutoload Overlay Trace Formatter
ATFAdvanced Title Format
ATFAIDS Trust Fund (various organizations)
ATFAdirondack Theatre Festival (Glen Falls, NY)
ATFAll-Time Favorite
ATFAll Time Favorite
ATFAncient Tree Forum (conservation)
ATFFleet Ocean Tug
ATFAnti-Terrorist Force (fictional intelligence agency)
ATFAbove The Fold (web/print advertising)
ATFAssociation des Tunisiens en France (French: Association of Tunisians in France)
ATFAmphibious Task Force
ATFAcoustic Transfer Function
ATFArab Thought Forum (Palestine)
ATFAs Trustee for (finance)
ATFAmerican Type Foundry
ATFArrived to Find
ATFAcross the Fence
ATFAnterior Talofibular (ligament)
ATFAnti-Terrorism Financing (legislation)
ATFAir Task Force
ATFAtlantic Theatre Festival (Canada)
ATFFrench Southern and Antarctic Lands (ISO Country code)
ATFAgricultural Task Force (various locations)
ATFAutomatic Track Finding
ATFAssociate Technical Fellow (various organizations)
ATFAll Things Fresh (website)
ATFAssociation Technique de Fonderie (French: Foundry Technical Association)
ATFALMA Test Facility (Atacama Large Millimeter Array)
ATFAdvanced Technology Fractionator (SeQual)
ATFAustralian Temporary Fencing
ATFAviation Task Force
ATFAll Time Finest
ATFAlbuquerque Teachers Federation
ATFArticulation Task Force (Arizona State University)
ATFAutomatic Track Following
ATFAll Too Flat
ATFAutomatic Terrain Following
ATFAbsolute Terror Field
ATFAuxiliary Tug, Fleet (Auxiliary Fleet Tug)
ATFAnti-Tenure Factor
ATFAcross the Flat (geometry)
ATFAsynchronous Transmit FIFO
ATFAcceptance Test Facility
ATFArchitecture Textile Française (French textile company)
ATFAdministrative Task Force
ATFAstrometric Telescope Facility
ATFAllied Tactical Force
ATFAerodrome Traffic Frequencies
ATFAnimation Trace File
ATFAircraft Torque Factor
ATFAdvanced Targeting FLIR (US DoD)
ATFAdaptive Tracking Filter
ATFAutonomous Thruster Facilities
ATFAir to Torpedo Fire Control
ATFAmicale Tricyclecariste de France (French tricycle car club)
ATFAtari Talk Forum (computer forum)
ATFAudit Transfer Files
ATFArea to Free (Cisco)
ATFAutomated Target Folder
ATFAutomatic Target Follow
ATFAUTOVON Test Facility
ATFAverage Transaction Frequency (credit)
ATFAutomatic Test Format
ATFAutomatic Test Facility
ATFAlternate Treatment Facility
ATFAutomatic Tracking Feature
ATFAquatics Training Facility (US Army)
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Then, using horizontal brushstrokes, the sky color is painted above the fold line, going right over the trees, animals, birds and so on.
Long before the "Life and Times of the Rich and Famous," Eisenstaedt's pictures were taking us into the homes and lives of those who lived above the fold.
By taking advantage of this very important real estate, which is located above the fold, small businesses can showcase content, offers, or more in-depth information about a company.
Finally, apartment marketers should also consider advertising as a primary means to get above the fold on mobile searches.
The new design showcases more articles above the fold, and an improved drop down navigation which make it easier for visitors to find and access the information they seek.
Above the fold refers to the upper half of your web page, where information is visible to a user without them having to scroll down or take any further action.
All tabs but the "Photos" tab can be moved, so display important tabs above the fold.
So, above the fold, there is an efficient, personal presentation of your business to your customers, and there are calls to action presented in a manner just short of neon flashing signs with big arrows pointing to them.
Page positioning: Like content, ads displayed above the fold have the greatest impact.
When his then-partner picked up a copy in London, she initially saw only his photograph above the fold and thought he'd been killed.
It should have been on the front page above the fold.
16, the Sunday Post arrived, with the lead article above the fold on the front page about peanut allergies.