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Various tests such as gradation, optimum moisture content, soundness test, aggregate impact value, flakiness index and elongation index, Los Angeles abrasion value, specific gravity and water absorption were performed in accordance with AASHTO, BS and ASTM standards.
The aggregate impact value and the Los Angeles abrasion value of NCA are 20.81 and 26.40%, respectively, while those of RCA are 22.99 and 28.00%, respectively.
Influence of utilizing MK and C in SCC mixture separately and together as mineral admixture, in fresh-state properties and hardened-state properties of SCC including workability, setting times, compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity value, abrasion value, and capillary water absorption coefficient, was investigated.
The second rubber compound may have a greater DIN abrasion value than the first rubber compound.
This is consistent with the expectation that ALWA which has abrasion value more than 40% will produce low strength concrete (less than 20 MPa).
After completion of 500 rotations the material was sieved through 1.7mm sieve and the passed fraction was expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the sample which is called Los Angeles abrasion value. The shape and size of the aggregate was changed after completion (Fig.
Tested Properties Technical requirements value Apparent specific gravity >2.6 2.746 (g/[cm.sup.3]) Crushing value % <15 12.54 Abrasion value % <26 23.3 Water absorption % <2.0 0.52 Soundness % [less than or equal to] 12 10.92 Properties Specification used Apparent specific gravity (g/[cm.sup.3]) T0304-2005 Crushing value % Abrasion value % T0316-2005 Water absorption % T0317-2005 Soundness % T0304-2005 T0314-2000 Table 4: Basic parameters of shear strength of the 100 mm x 63.5 mm specimen.
Strong correlation was obtained among the LA abrasion value UCS and point load index of different rock types by Al-Harthi [4].
The increase in specific abrasion for the nanocomposites with above 3 wt% of clay content was due to the agglomerated clay particles acting as stress concentration sites and reduced the specific abrasion value.
The abrasion value of the shell was tested using JA2300 electronic balance.
Compared to the other panel types made in this study, panel type Larix leptolepis showed the highest abrasion value. A further study is required to determine the reason for this difference.
It has a Taber abrasion value of 1.7 mg/1000 cycles and a Charpy double-notched impact strength of 15 kJ/[m.sup.2] or more.