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AGMAnnual General Meeting
AGMAbsorbed Glass Mat (battery)
AGMAward of Garden Merit (British horticulture)
AGMAbsorbent Glass Mat (valve regulated lead acid battery)
AGMAssistant General Manager
AGMAlternate Graphics Mode
AGMAdobe Graphics Manager
AGMAbsorbent Glass Mat
AGMAir-to-Ground Missile
AGMArithmetic Geometric Mean
AGMAgrargemeinschaften (German: Agricultural Communities; Austria)
AGMAsian Gypsy Moth (insect species)
AGMAorta Gonad Mesonephros (embryonic region)
AGMMissile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMAlternative Gift Market (various organizations)
AGMAce Global Markets (UK)
AGMArea General Manager
AGMAir-to-surface Guided Missile
AGMAssociate General Manager
AGMArtillery Gun Module (military equipment)
AGMAdvanced Graphics Module
AGMAdvanced Ground Mobile
AGMAmerican Guild of Music (Warren, MI)
AGMAcademia General Militar (Spanish Army)
AGMAssociation Genevoise des Malentendants
AGMAutomatically Generated Message (software)
AGMAttack Guided Missile
AGMAngle-Grinder Man
AGMAttack Guidance Matrix
AGMArmy Golden Master
AGMAnnual Guidance Memorandum
AGMArbeitsgemeinschaft Modellraketen Deutschland
AGMAnimaux Génétiquement Modifiés (French: Genetically Modified Animals)
AGMAbove Ground Marker (reference point)
AGMAutonomous Guided Weapon
AGMAgence Grand Massif (French trustee agency)
AGMAnti-Gravity Machine
AGMAgmultivision SRL (Milan, Italy)
AGMAbove Gross Margin
AGMAnalyse, Géométrie, Modélisation (French: Geometry, Modeling, Analysis)
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Tenders are invited for battery, reduced maintenance type, switchgear and control use, design and expected float service life of 10 years, both positive and negative plates shall be wrapped with agm material, two-fold vented safety-valve with flashback protection, 12 vdc each, lead calcium, absorbed glass mat, 100 amp hour @ 8 hour rate to 1.
Optima, maker of the popular Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM, batteries, has introduced two new digital chargers.
Hollingsworth & Vose, a global leader in the supply of advanced materials for filtration, battery separator and industrial applications, will add Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery separator production capabilities at its East Walpole, MA, manufacturing facility.
This one works on conventional SLI batteries, as well as gel and absorbed glass mat (AGM), so you can also use it on motorcycle and lawn and garden equipment.
There's definitely been a push to replace the old, electrolyte batteries with the Hawker absorbed glass mat battery, NSN 6140-01-485-1472.
Constructed from thin plate pure lead, the battery features compressed absorbed glass mat plate separators with high electrolyte absorption and stability to enhance cyclic capability and provide vibration resistance.
The standard absorbed glass mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries are designed to provide more than three hours of electric motor operation at 50% power.
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators completely absorb the electrolyte, so there is no free acid to leak if the battery case is accidentally damaged.
The GNB batteries used by General Mills feature a relatively new technology called absorbed glass mat (AGM), which describes the structure holding the electrolyte between the lead plates.