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[34] proposes a Tree Kernel to compare abstract syntax trees that are a class of functions for computing similarity among information arranged.
An Automatic Refactoring Method of Cloned Code Using Abstract Syntax Tree and Static Analysis, Journal of Chinese Computer Systems, 28.
On the high level of abstraction, when working with abstract syntax tree, two passes where added: the pass for discovering loops that can be implemented as hardware loops, and the pass for usage of address generators.
It represents the abstract syntax and a part of the static semantics.
The abstract syntax of formalism is described by means of a meta-model.
b) The abstract syntax tree generation constructs abstract syntax tree for the legacy application code in order to support various techniques of program understanding for discovering implicit structures and constraints.
RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax specifies the fundamental concepts and information model of RDF.
Reavey said that patch turnaround time depends on what technology is being fixed, and this was key in delaying the release of a patch for Windows's vulnerable implementation of Abstract Syntax Notation 1, which took 200 days to engineer and test.
This work resulted in an updated specification and the release of six new documents: RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax, RDF Semantics 'RDF/XML Syntax Specification (revised), RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0 RDF Schema, the RDF Primer, and the RDF Test Cases.
ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One), SDL (Specification and Description Language) and MSC (Message Sequence Charts) are widely used description techniques that accurately and unambiguously specify protocols for telecommunications.