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ANOAbu Nidal Organization (terrorist group)
ANOArkansas Nuclear One
ANOAir Navigation Order
ANOAutonomous Non-Commercial Organization (Russia)
ANONew Citizens Alliance (Slovakia)
ANOAtomic Natural Orbital
ANOAssociation pour la Nouvelle Orthographe (French spelling association)
ANOAlaska Native Organizations
ANOAccess Network Operator
ANOAbove Named Officer
ANOAutomatic Network Operator
ANOAverage Natural Orbital
ANOAlternative Network Operator
ANOAdamas Nu Omega (Philippine fraternity)
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The total number of designated Foreign Terrorist Groups is 36, and includes the Abu Nidal Organization, Hizballah, and the Communist Party of the Philippines.
His group was known by several names, including Black September, the Fatah Revolutionary Council, and the Abu Nidal Organization.
That December (1985), the Abu Nidal organization, which allegedly receives Libyan support, attacked the Rome and Vienna airports, killing 16 people and wounding another 60.
Also subject to the assets freeze is the Shining Path guerrilla group in Peru and the Abu Nidal Organization, a Palestinian group suspected of killing about 900 people in attacks in 20 countries, the government said.
In the mid-1980s, in order to penetrate the Abu Nidal organization, responsible for 900 deaths or injuries in twenty countries, Jordanian security moved against suspects' family members.