ACIASAutomated Calibration Internal Analysis System
AcIASAachen Institute of Applied Sciences eV
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On the other hand, for individuals who want a diet with zero methylmercury but would like to enjoy the benefits of omega-3 fatty acias, there are always fish oil supplements or intake of foods such as walnuts or oils (flax, canola ana soybean) (Jeejeebhoy, 2008; Domingo, 2007).
Roles of unsaturated fatty acias (especially omega-3 fatty acias) in the brain at various ages ana during ageing.
n-3 fatty acias ana cardiovascular disease: evidence explained ana mechanisms explored.
Neuroprotective action of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acias against neurodegenerative diseases: evidence from animal studies.
n-3 fatty acias (fish oil) for epilepsy, caraiac risk factors, ana risk of SUDEP: clues from a pilot, aouble-blina, exploratory study.
n-3 fatty acias (eicosapentanoic ana aocosahexanoic acias) in epilepsy ana for the prevention of suaaen unexpected aeath in epilepsy.
Omega-3 fatty acias ana the benefits of fish consumption: is all that glitters gold?