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ABORArizona Board of Regents
ABORAcademic Bill of Rights
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ABORAutonomous Beer-Opening Robot (Jean-Philippe Clerc invention)
ABORAcademic Bill of Restrictions (Academic Bill of Rights nickname)
ABORArlington Board of Realtors (Texas)
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While Horowitz drafted the Academic Bill of Rights to "defend 'intellectual diversity' on college campuses and remove politics from the classroom," HOROWITZ, supra, at 5, the AAUP has criticized the Academic Bill of Rights for doing exactly the opposite, see AM.
This sort of relativism and agnosticism has been captured, most recently, in the Academic Bill of Rights and its assertion that there are no answers in scholarship, and that all human knowledge is "unsettled" and "uncertain" (Horowitz 2003).
dedicated to criticizing the Academic Bill of Rights campaign, they
He contends that an appropriate response to Horowitz's academic bill of rights is to extend the principles of academic freedom, usually seen as relevant to the professorate, beyond the faculty to the entire academic community.
A student complaint about evolution instruction "is conceivable," Horowitz claimed in a reason online debate in 2003, "but under the Academic Bill of Rights it would be dismissed.
While some propositions of the academic bill of rights are unimpeachable (for example, students should not be graded "on the basis of their political or religious beliefs"), academic freedom extended to students easily turns it into the end of freedom for teachers.
I am the national campus director of Students for Academic Freedom, an organization calling for the adoption of an Academic Bill of Rights to protect the academic freedoms of all students.
With this observation, she called for the Indiana legislature and state education officials to adopt the Academic Bill of Rights (2004).
6336 DEFRANCISCO Creates an academic bill of rights that ensures an academic environment for both students and faculty members that allows freedom of political viewpoint, expression and instruction; requires institutions of higher education to publish such bill of rights and to adopt a grievance procedure to address complaints of violations of such rights.
But AFT also opposes the bill's Academic Bill of Rights, designed to prevent discrimination against students for expressing political opinions.
Now he's known for Senate Bill (SB) 24, an academic bill of rights that would require "curricula and reading lists" at all Ohio colleges (public and private) to "provide students with dissenting sources and viewpoints" (calling all publishers of Holocaust deniers and flat-earthers
As a club to get the attention of insular college administrators, conservatives are introducing legisla- tive proposals to implement the academic bill of rights at state universities around the nation.
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