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ACISAdvanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer
ACISAccess Control Interlock System
ACISAcademic Information Services
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System
ACISAutomotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme (Australia)
ACISAccounting/Computer Information Systems (various schools)
ACISAmerican Conference for Irish Studies
ACISAcademic Information Systems (IBM)
ACISAll Children in School (UN)
ACISApplied Climate Information System (US NOAA)
ACISAmerican Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACISAutomated Customs Information Service (Canada)
ACISAXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer (now Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer)
ACISAircrew Integrated Systems
ACISAdvanced Control Indicator Set
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System (Toyota)
ACISAdvanced Cargo Information System
ACISAmerican Council for International Studies
ACISAdvanced Cellular Internet Service
ACISArms Control Intelligence Staff
ACISAmeritech Customer Information System
ACISAutomated Chemical Inventory System
ACISAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries
ACISAutomated Combat Information System
ACISArmy Command Information System
ACISAmphibious Command Information System
ACISArms Control Impact Statement
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set (AN/ASQ-165)
ACISAvionics/Crew Interface Simulator
ACISAirborne Combat Information System
ACISAssociation for Computing & Information Sciences
ACISActual Cubic Inches per Second
ACISAutomatic Customer/Caller Identification System (Sprint)
ACISAll Source Intelligence System
ACISAlan Grayer, Charles Lang, Ian Braid, Dick Sower (Solid Modeling CAD library)
ACISAvionics, Control & Information System
ACISAutomated Criminal Infractions System (North Carolina crime database)
ACISAirfone Customer Information System (billing system for Airfone)
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An information technology infrastructure for resource sharing in South African academic information services. DLitt et Phil Thesis, Rands Afrikaans University, Johannesburg.
Given these factors, efficient management of desktops is essential to successful academic information services departments.
Academic Information Services considered a number of turnkey reporting solutions and several report development tools before settling on WebFOCUS.
The material from this gift now forms a special collection, the "AJN Richards Collection," in the CAIS library [see "The AJN Richards Collection at the Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak"].
Neyman was previously the director of academic information services. Former Razorbacks basketball player Ron Brewer has been appointed assistant director of development for central programs for the UA Office of Development.
Cohen is dean of libraries and academic information services at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.
Faculty can also see online academic information services at work in the ITTCs.
* Michael Keller of High Wire Press and Stanford University will present Whither Academic Information Services in the Perfect Storm of the Early 21st Century?
These have been divided between the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) library, or CAIS (Centre for Academic Information Services), Kota Samarahan, and the Tun Jugah Foundation library-archives in Kuching.
Joe Moreau, dean of learning resources for West Hills College in Coalinga, Calif., has been named dean of academic information services for MiraCosta College in Oceanside, Calif.
The JEFFLINE Digital Office is a project of Academic Information Services and Research at Thomas Jefferson University.
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