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ACISAutomated Criminal Infractions System (North Carolina crime database)
ACISAirfone Customer Information System (billing system for Airfone)
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Othman Al-Numair, Manager of Academic Information Systems, and Project Manager for the Banner & Luminis Upgrade project, KFUPM, explained: "During the last one and a half years, we noticed that the performance of Banner was not like before, we were not satisfied, and there were some complaints from the students during registration.
Examples include university libraries at Columbia in its Academic Information Systems Research and Development unit (n.d.) and its Center for Research on Information Access (2000), at Harvard through its Library Digital Initiative (2000), the California Digital Library through its Advanced Technology Unit, Michigan through its Digital Library Production Service (2000), and the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections (n.d.).
"Our objective was to create a family of solutions that would address the broadest range of academic needs," says Mal Nechis, program manager, hypermedia and instruction market development, IBM Academic Information Systems. "We wanted to integrate multimedia with everyday applications in a friendly, logical way, so that an academic with even limited computer expertise would have no difficulty creating dynamic material."
Unfortunately, you might well find that the information systems professional--particularly one educated in one of the existing academic information systems programs--is weak in both technical and engineering skills.
Metz and Gherman (1991) anticipated that serials pricing would drive the development of academic information systems, and that focusing on access rather than ownership would allow libraries to forego the costs of storage and concentrate on providing optimal delivery systems for their users.
Established in 1988, the consortium of Instructional Technology Transfer Centers (ITTCs) is a joint project of IB M's Academic Information Systems, the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the ten participating institutions.
Similarly, another large West Coast university, in a boxed ad in Science, sought candidates for the director of its Academic Information Systems, a division of the university library.
As we plan for the future with IBM's assistance, we are expanding from "teaching the technology" to "teaching with technology." Our fall workshop for instructors, presented by IBM Academic Information Systems personnel, dealt with multimedia presentation systems.
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