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ATASAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
ATASAcademic Technology Approval Scheme (UK)
ATASAboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme
ATASAero-Tropics Air Services (Australia)
ATASAir-to-Air Stinger
ATASAdvanced Tank Armament System
ATASActive Towed Array Sonar
ATASAustralian Tsunami Alert System
ATASAssociation of Turkish American Scientists
ATASAdvance Technology Alert System
ATASAudit Trail Analysis System
ATASAdvanced Towed-Array Sonar
ATASAdvanced Tactical Airborne System
ATASAcoustic Training and Simulation
ATASAdvanced Trainer Avionics Suite
ATASAnalog Test Access System
ATASAdvanced TOW Acquisition Systems
ATASAdvanced Target Acquisition Sensor/System
ATASAutomatic Terrain Avoidance System
ATASAirborne Target Acquisition System
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Today, the FCO launched a new website for applications to the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS).
In addition to this, from November 30, 2007 the academic technology approval scheme (ATAS) will become a mandatory requirement within the Immigration Rules for students intending to enter or remain in the United Kingdom for more than six months to undertake postgraduate studies or research in certain designated subjects.
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