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AYPAdequate Yearly Progress (National Assessment of Educational Progress)
AYPAdvanced Yoga Practices
AYPAngry, Young and Poor (punk rock clothing)
AYPAmerican Yard Products
AYPAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (Seattle, WA)
AYPAcademic Year Program (international educational exchange program)
AYPAnarchist Yellow Pages
AYPAmerican Youth Philharmonic
AYPAll Your Parents (parent involvement program; National Center for Family Literacy)
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This year's Nashville-themed event recognized dozens of local students for their involvement in the academic year program, as well as the summer program.
Contract awarded for Freedom semester 2016 academic year program (swimming) a small number of operational vehicle leasing services Quote advertisements
Summer programs are an excellent way to judge the goodness of fit between the student and the academic year program. It also helps the student learn what the social environment will be in the fall, allows them to forge new friendships, and demystifies the notion of going away to school.
In 1921, New Zealand developed a 2 academic year program to train high school graduates to become school dental nurses.
(3) In 2006 in New Zealand, the curriculum for dental hygiene and dental therapy merged into a 3 academic year program, with resulting credentialing in both scopes of practice and awarding a bachelor's degree.
Academic year program is based at five winterized facilities near Bemidji, Minnesota, and serves around four-thousand campers, about two-hundred staff, and a K-8 charter school.
COSMOPOLITAN SCHOLARS While both Muhlenberg and Washington University's study abroad programs are optional, in 2006 Baltimore's Goucher College made an abroad experience mandatory, with three-week, full-semester, and academic year programs available.
When asked about the timing of programs for schools, the majority of camps who worked directly with schools indicated they most commonly offered their academic year programs in May (84 percent), September (82 percent), and October (81 percent) (see Figure 2).
Break the Cycle of Poverty got involved after Worcester Comprehensive Child Care Services officials worriedly noticed a significant drop-off in their academic year programs at South and Burncoat High schools because of a lack of continuity over the summer.
Since its inception in 1982, the California Mathematics Project (CMP) has sought to develop the mathematics skills and leadership capabilities of K-12 teachers through intensive summer institutes and a variety of academic year programs sponsored by regional CMP sites.