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AMJAcademy of Management Journal
AMJAsociacion Mexico Japonesa (Spanish: Mexico Japan Association)
AMJAssociation Mondiale des Journaux (French: World Association of Newspapers; est. 1948)
AMJAmerican Muslims for Jerusalem
AMJAdvanced Material Japan
AMJAdvisory Material Joint
AMJAsian Medical Journal (now Japan Medical Association Journal)
AMJAhmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
AMJAssemblée Mondiale de La Jeunesse (French: World Assembly of Youth)
AMJAhmadiyya Muslim Jama'at
AMJAssociation des Maires et Communes du Jura (French: Association of Mayors and Municipalities of Jura; Jura, France)
AMJAssociation Marie Jaëll (France)
AMJAsociación Mujeres Jóvenes (Spanish: Young Women's Association)
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Page 437, Table 3: The Lavie 2006 work should have been attributed to the Academy of Management Review (incorrectly listed under the Academy of Management Journal).
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