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ATASAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
ATASAcademic Technology Approval Scheme (UK)
ATASAboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme
ATASAero-Tropics Air Services (Australia)
ATASAir-to-Air Stinger
ATASAdvanced Tank Armament System
ATASActive Towed Array Sonar
ATASAustralian Tsunami Alert System
ATASAssociation of Turkish American Scientists
ATASAdvance Technology Alert System
ATASAudit Trail Analysis System
ATASAdvanced Towed-Array Sonar
ATASAdvanced Tactical Airborne System
ATASAcoustic Training and Simulation
ATASAdvanced Trainer Avionics Suite
ATASAnalog Test Access System
ATASAdvanced TOW Acquisition Systems
ATASAdvanced Target Acquisition Sensor/System
ATASAutomatic Terrain Avoidance System
ATASAirborne Target Acquisition System
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