ACAGAustralasian Council of Auditors General
ACAGArmy Competition Advocate General (US Army)
ACAGAir Carbon Arc Gouging (welding procedure)
ACAGAdvanced Chassis Air Guide (computers)
ACAGAlpine Conservation and Access Group (Australia)
ACAGAlliance Ceramic and Glass (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Operator with high capacity will achieve best profits when adopting ACAG pricing strategies.
1) Model I denoted by ACAG (As Client As Guest): each operator of the sharing system sets its service cost cs equal to its price p set for clients, such that [cs.sub.i] = [p.sub.i] for all operator i, i = 1, 2, ..., N.
1) [Op.sub.1]'s blocking rates: Figures 2a, 2b and 2c show the blocking rates for [Op.sub.1] when adopting ACAG, MIWC and MCWC, respectively.
2) [Op.sub.2]'s blocking rates: Figures 3a, 3b and 3c show the blocking rates for [Op.sub.2] when adopting ACAG, MIWC and MCWC, respectively.
He appreciated ACAG's initiative for closer interaction with NAB and assured directed relevant wings of NAB to ensure all-out support to further this collaboration.
The ACAG had earlier agreed to work with NAB on primary areas including measures related to United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) implementation in the country and serve as an Anti-Corruption knowledge-sharing and coordination platform for the government counterparts and members from the international community.
Por su parte, la ACAG presento diferentes fuentes que consideraban a la industria celulosa como una de las tres industrias mas contaminantes del planeta, junto con las englobadas en la industria quimica y la industria del cloro (Sannazzaro; 2011).
This was decided in a meeting of ACAG and NAB authorities held here at NAB Headquarters on Wednesday, Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry presided over the meeting.
Despite lapse of one year, investigation report of the crash has not yet been made public, said convener of Airblue Crash Affectees Group (ACAG) Junaid Hamid said while addressing a press conference here at Daman-e-Koh.
He welcomed ACAG's initiative for closer interaction with NAB and assured the participants of all-out support.
Short term goals enunciated in meeting included carving of national dialogue on anti-corruption in 2014; arrange a stakeholder's session in NAB regarding "Country Review Program" and a meeting with Anti-corruption Action Group (ACAG) in the next fifteen days.
Tabla 1 Seroprevalencia para hepatitis b en ninos colombianos con cancer Grupo 1 Grupo 2 Grupo 3 Ca Ca no Sanos transfundidos transfundidos (N=26) (N=28) (N=28) Ags VHB 0 0% 1 3.6% 1 3.9% IgGc VHB 0 0% 2 7.1% 1 3.9% Acs 4ta VHC 0 0% 0 0% 1 3.9% Ca=cancer; Ags=antigeno de superficie; c=core; Acs=anticuerpos VHB=virus hepatitis b; VHC=virus hepatitis c Tabla 2 Seroconversion (AcAgs VHB) en estudiantes de la Facultad de Salud de la Universidad Industrial de Santander.