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(34.) In a footnote, the authors of an Accelerated Math study included the following acknowledgement of developer Renaissance Learning's involvement in the paper: "The authors acknowledge the assistance of Michael Patterson of the Research Department at Renaissance Learning with data collection and manuscript editing." Gatti and Giordano note that "Pearson contracted Gatti Evaluation, an independent research consulting company, to conduct a longitudinal evaluation of the impact of the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space [c]2008 (Investigations) mathematics curriculum on student mathematics achievement and attitudes." Jim Ysseldyke and Daniel M.
Kelly Middle School: Individualized instruction in accelerated math for seventh-graders, $1,998
Program administrator Paul Powers reports that over 1,000 high school students took accelerated math classes through the college in the year 2000.
While using the Accelerated Math Kit, I would make sure to include discovery lessons and open-ended tasks with related assessments, along with the multiple-choice exercises and tests included in the software.
I was aware that seventh grade students would soon be taking the IOWA's and pre-algebra indicator tests that would be used as one criterion for selection into the eight grade accelerated math program.
Bartlett High School: The Science, Engineering and Technology Academy offers state-of-the-art laboratory setups in place of traditional classrooms, providing students with accelerated math and science curriculum, advanced placement opportunities, and experience using next generation technologies.
Students cannot graduate until they pass an entry-level, credit-bearing math class, so the college suggested that she take its Accelerated Math Program (AMP) to catch her up to speed.
Among students not on the accelerated math track, the study found far more complex course sequences.
"Accelerated Math"[TM], published by Renaissance Learning, is a software tool used to customize assignments and monitor progress in math for students in grades 1-12.
In order to provide all students with ample opportunity to pass the needed courses and to study calculus prior to graduation, Superintendent Johnson decided that all students would study the accelerated math curriculum formerly reserved for the district's highest achievers.
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