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The primary focus of the working group was to create an acoustical standard that satisfied the high-performance designation for building occupants by developing a comprehensive document that utilized current metrics and commonly acceptable performance levels utilized in current guidelines, standards, or best practice documentation.
Hence, companies anticipating competition from overseas should benchmark themselves against a diverse group of international competitors since their entry is likely to redefine acceptable performance levels in the current market.
The water-borne adhesives have been successful in achieving acceptable performance levels on the production line and in the field while remaining cost-competitive.
The city specified minimum acceptable performance levels for the presses, including the capability of dewatering a minimum of 64,000 dry lb per day of Zimpro processed sludge averaging 9 percent solids.
Usually the vendor is blamed for "under-configuring" the system-that is, for installing too small a computer to provide acceptable performance levels. The vendor, however, may not have received appropriate data describing lab workload and operations.
larger capacity disk drives are beginning to experience lower utilization numbers in efforts to maintain acceptable performance levels as the access density problem looms.
Some have recommended that these definitions incorporate minimum acceptable performance levels for "fluid-resistant" and "fluid-proof" attributes of garments and include test methods to measure these levels.
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