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The mortgage industry's acceptance of risk in the form of low-doc no-doc and subprime housing loans, the securities industry's acceptance of the risk represented by the bundling of these loans into vast mortgage-backed debt obligations, along with their further acceptance of the risk represented by exotic, leveraged derivatives based on these same securities, has led to a meltdown of historic proportions.
But the headlines telling of a 40 percent decline in stock values since their peak last year are proof that investments in equities are no sure thing, and that investors must temper their expectations of reward with an acceptance of risk.
"Activity in the property market has become very thin and patchy - with opportunities available for those with insight and an acceptance of risk. It is unclear how long this will continue.
Their results further confirmed that five distinct internal organizational factors were necessary to support corporate entrepreneurship: (1) rewards/recognition; (2) management support; (3) resources, including time availability; (4) organizational structure; and (5) acceptance of risk.
All of the stories have something in common; they deal with hazards, acceptance of risk, and the need for mitigation measures.
These situations include the a) identification and communication of hazards and risks by scientists, authorities, and employers; b) workers' acceptance of risk; c) selection and implementation of controls; d) establishment of medical screening programs; and e) investment in toxicologic and control research.
"I ducked a few feet under the glideslope and saw the runway" becomes "If I fly it a couple dots low on glideslope I'll make it every time." The pilot's comfort level rises to a higher acceptance of risk. Further complacency threatens to increase risk exposure to even more unacceptable levels.
Rieger argues an implicit bargain in the public mind was the acceptance of risk and sacrifice of lives in return for continued advancement and improved safety.
Executives often find these risks so complex and hard to evaluate that they retreat to avoidance or to acceptance of risk. But these responses neither allow business leaders to capture opportunities in new markets nor adequately manage risk across their global portfolios.
This acceptance of risk as an inherent part of the world seems to me to be fundamental to successful investing.
To assess concept (opinion) of institutional measures, we used 4 items regarding "clear policies and protocols," "specialist available," "adequate training," and "effectiveness." To assess perception of risk, we used 5 items regarding "avoidance of patient," "acceptance of risk," "little personal control," "fear," and "job change," as indicators (Appendix 1).
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