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ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
ACOPSAutomatic CPU Overheating Prevention System
ACOPSArt and Craft Of Problem Solving
ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Physical Security
ACOPSAccepted Codes of Practice (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; UK)
ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea
ACOPSAgricultural Cost of Production Survey (Mauritius)
ACOPSAutonomy Coping Skills Optimism Problem Solving
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It will be the service provider~s responsibility to ensure all goods and services are in accordance with European and UK Legislation, the Manufacturers specification, Health and Safety Executive Guidance and Accepted Codes of Practice:Lot 1 Beds & Pressure CareLot 2 Moving & HandlingLot 3 Specialist Supportive Showering & Commode SeatingLot 4 Specialist SeatingLot 5 - StairliftsLot 6 - BidetsA supplier event is being proposed.
When forming part of a high quality system together with appropriate dryers and air filters, they are capable of providing Food Grade quality compressed air which help processors meet International Food Hygiene Regulations and industry accepted codes of practice. Such systems produce compressed air with an atmospheric dew-point of not less than -40 C, dust filtration down to 1 micron, and solid contaminants less than 0.01 mg/m3.
The Retimet processor on the Holbrook Lane site was showing its age, but bosses have been able to bring the new plant up to scratch environmentally to meet accepted codes of practice.
A Hilfeleistungs-LE[micro]schgruppanfahrzeug HLF 10 of this contract documents, corresponding decrees of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport Baden-WE-rttemberg as well as other applicable regulations and accepted codes of practice.