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Such a database can also permit smooth integration to other enterprise programs and databases (for example, an entry in the human resources database provides real-time voiding of a terminated employee's name and access code in the access control database).
System administration consists of three primary responsibilities: alarm management, access control database management, and intrusion detection/fire alarm database management.
Yale's access control database contains 51,000 badge records, including card accounts for faculty, staff, students, vendors, and certain visitors with a need for continual access.
While this method of adding to the access control database is satisfactory for individuals or small groups, it is far too time consuming for the entering freshman class or the roughly 10,000 nonstudent visitors who participate in summer programs held at Yale each year.
For example, ODBC-compliant access control software would allow the security manager to access the human resources department database to see whether employees have been hired or terminated so that they could be added or deleted from the access control database.
For example, the access control database would be automatically notified to terminate an employee's access privileges when the human resource manager deletes that employee's name from the human resource database.
All badge transactions are stored in the access control database. If an unauthorized user attempts to access a doorway or if someone forces open a door without a card, an alarm signal is transmitted to the central station and a report comes up on the access control system's PC.
SAM allows selective managers to go in through a standard desktop PC to their portion of the access control database. According to Tom Rennick of CASI-RUSCO, the software program makes updating access control parameters easier.
Too often, company officials might remember to delete an ex-employee from the ID card system but forget to remove the person's name and privileges from the access control database. The problem is eliminated if both systems use the same database or share information between databases automatically.
Backup and maintenance tasks are critical to maintaining the integrity of the access control database. Too often system maintenance is performed on inconsistent schedules or not at all.
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