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APNAWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner Network
APNAccess Point Name
APNAppareil Photo Numérique (France)
APNAssemblee Populaire Nationale (French: National Popular Assembly; various locations)
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse
APNAssessor's Parcel Number (real estate & surveying)
APNAmericans for Peace Now
APNAsia-Pacific Network
APNAmerican Preppers Network (survival)
APNAssemblée des Premières Nations (Assembly of First Nations; Canada)
APNAthens Photo News (Greece)
APNAutorité Portuaire Nationale (French: National Port Authority; Haiti)
APNAccess Port Name
APNAdministración de Parques Nacionales (National Parks Administration, Argentina)
APNAsamblea Popular Nacional (China)
APNAdaptive Private Networking
APNArab Press Network (France)
APNAmis du Patrimoine Napoléonien (French: Friends of Napoleonic Heritage)
APNAcute Pyelonephritis
APNAssociate Professor of Nursing
APNAcquired Pendular Nystagmus (eyes)
APNAll-Pass Network (microwave theory)
APNAktien plus Neuemission (German: Shares plus New Issue)
APNAcademic Position Network (online job recruitment)
APNAircraft Procurement, Navy
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse Practitioner
APNAlmost Perfect Nonlinear
APNArchives of Psychiatric Nursing
APNAlliance for Psychosocial Nursing
APNAfrican Parks Network (est. 2000)
APNAccess Purchasing Network
APNAlpena, MI, USA - Alpena Regional Airport (Airport Code)
APNAgent Premium Newsgroups
APNAugmented Proportional Navigation
APNAdministration du Pipe-Line du Nord (Northern Pipeline Agency - Canada)
APNArmy Part Number
APNAsanble Popilè Nasyonal (National Popular Assembly, Haiti)
APNAviation Procurement Navy
APNAssociation pour la Protection de la Nature
APNAdvance Purchasing Notice
APNAction Point Number
APNAmicale des Pêcheurs Niçois (French professional fishermen group)
APNAustralian Part Number (barcoded number)
APNAsia-Pacific Network for Research in Global Change
APNAgentstwo Petschati Nowosti (Russian news agency)
APNAssociated Pharmacy Network
APNAsian Professional Networking
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With our service experiencing rapid growth, our care agents are spending far too much time solving customer connectivity issues, specifically with access point name (APN) parameters, said Morel.
The latest development from this program enables TAG Mobile to embed Tweakker customer care access point name (APN) set up on its website with a link to Tweakkers cloud.
Spirents unique automatic access point name (APN) setup and remote subscription management solution with Oasis embedded smart USIM functionality is a game changer in connected products and devices, adds Olivier Leroux, CEO of Oasis Smart SIM.
By selling so many pre-paid SIM cards to BYOD users and not providing in-store customer care support to configure phones with the new SIM and CoopVoce s specific access point name (APN) carrier settings, the MVNO needed a solution to the problem and turned to Tweakker for its self-care cloud configuration platform.
With this deployment, ASPIDER is enhancing Access Point Name (APN) gateway functions and policy integration to provide customers with more configuration flexibility to support Quality of Service management.
Erik Giesa, vice president of products at Tempered Networks, said the new gateway leverages Tempered Networks' IDN approach to industrial cybersecurity and cuts the cost and complexity of networking and security in half by eliminating the need for access point names (APNs), Ethernet switches, internal firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and separate cellular modems.