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ACLAccess Control List
ACLAnterior Cruciate Ligament (connective tissue of the knee; common injury)
ACLAssociation for Computational Linguistics
ACLAustin City Limits (PBS Sshow)
ACLAir Charter Ltd. (UK)
ACLAsian Champions League (sports)
ACLAtlantic Coast Line
ACLAmerican Cruise Lines (various locations)
ACLAssociation for Community Living (various locations)
ACLActive and Collaborative Learning (various schools)
ACLAdult and Community Learning
ACLArena Cyber League
ACLAlgebraically Closed Field (mathematics)
ACLApplication Control Layer
ACLAutomatic Cartridge Loader
ACLApplication Connectivity Link
ACLApplication Component Library
ACLAutomatic Correction List
ACLAsynchronous Connectionless Link
ACLApplications Control Link
ACLAgent Content Language
ACLAdministrative Civil Liability (California)
ACLApplied Computational Linguistics
ACLAnti-Cardiolipin (Antibody)
ACLAudit Command Language
ACLAgent Communication Language
ACLAtlantic Container Line
ACLAllegro Common LISP
ACLAutomotive Components Limited (various companies)
ACLAmerican Classical League
ACLAdjacent Channel Leakage
ACLAnti-Corruption Law (various locations)
ACLAdvisory Committee on Legislation (various locations)
ACLAccessory Collateral Ligament (anatomy)
ACLAdvanced CMOS Logic
ACLArea Control List (exports)
ACLAllowable Cabin Load
ACLAmherst College Library (Amherst, MA)
ACLAdvanced Computing Laboratory
ACLAustralian Centre for Languages (Syndey, NSW, Australia)
ACLApplied Chemistry Lab
ACLAssociation of Christian Librarians
ACLAsynchronous Connectionless (Bluetooth)
ACLAssociation of Children’s Librarians of Northern California (Berkeley, CA)
ACLApplied Color Label
ACLApache Common Logging
ACLAssociation Culture et Loisirs (French: Culture and Recreation Association)
ACLAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory
ACLAtelier de Création Libertaire (French: Libertarian Design Workshop; publisher; Lyon, France)
ACLAudio Cleaning Lab (audio noise reduction software)
ACLAcademic Conferences Limited (various locations)
ACLAssociation Canadienne de Linguistique (French: Canadian Linguistics Association; Canada)
ACLAutomobile Club Luxembourg
ACLAmerican Church Lists (religious marketing)
ACLAbington Community Library (Clarks Summit, PA)
ACLAutomotive Components Ltd (Australia)
ACLAnthroponotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
ACLAlternate Concentration Limit
ACLApplicative Common Lisp
ACLAda Community Library (Idaho)
ACLAll Century League (sports)
ACLAsynchronous Connection-less Link (Bluetooth)
ACLAutomatic Carrier Landing
ACLAtlantic City Line (New Jersey Transit commuter rail line)
ACLAmerican Consultants League
ACLAuto Correct List (filetype extension)
ACLAllowable Combat Load
ACLAdaptive Cost-Sensitive LRU (Least Recently Used; algorithm)
ACLAir Cadet League (of Canada)
ACLAgent Control Language
ACLAcademic Computing Lab
ACLApplication Control Language
ACLAccess Compatibility Layer
ACLAllowable Cargo Load
ACLArbortext Command Language (filename extension)
ACLActive Control List
ACLAnnuaire des Collectivités Locales (French: Directory of Local Government)
ACLAcquisition Career Level
ACLAssociated California Loggers
ACLAdvanced Computer Laboratory
ACLAdministrative Control Limit
ACLAnti Communist League
ACLAircraft Logbook
ACLAffichage a Cristaux Liquide (French: liquid crystal display)
ACLAlpine Club de Luxembourg (French; Luxembourg car club)
ACLAnti-Collision Lighting
ACLAccelerator Control Listing
ACLAir Control Level (US DoD)
ACLAuthorized Consumption List
ACLAutomove Control Language
ACLAeronautical Computer Laboratory
ACLAccelerator Command Language
ACLAuxiliary Cooling Loop
ACLAutomobile Club du Loiret (French: Automobile Club of Loiret; Loiret, France)
ACLAntenna Center Line
ACLAllowance Components List
ACLAverage Contaminant Level
ACLAdvanced Concepts Laboratory
ACLAvailable Cabin Load
ACLAkumiitti Connectivity Library (SMSC connectivity software)
ACLASCII Control Language
ACLAllis Chalmers Lepol (kiln)
ACLAutomatic Clutter Mapping
ACLApplication Compatibility List
ACLAnalog Configuration Line
ACLAutomated Comprehensive Layout
ACLAsynchronous Connection-Oriented Link (logical transport, Bluetooth)
ACLArchives Centrales et Laboratoires (French: Central Archives and Laboratories; Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage; Belgium)
ACLAssistance et Conseil en Logistique (French: Support and Logistics Council; consulting company; Rouen, France)
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Part IV.A introduces the concept of access control lists. Part IV.B
The access control list entry of any subject explicitly mentioned is selected preferentially over any subject group entry that implies this subject, and among groups the entry for the lowest one in the hierarchy is the one selected; these preferences make it possible to define access control lists that deny privileges selectively within a group.
And it provides a standard authorization model, so that each service can use shared public access control lists. Moreover, three authorization models of Kerberos--name server, authentication server, and public list server--can be integrated to provide integrity assurance.
Moreover, according to the gaining tractions on data security, Korenix has applied advanced Cyber Security functions such as DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, Denial of Service (DoS) protection, L2/L3/L4 Access Control List (ACL) in selected products.
The first, written yesterday by Jacques Erasmus, Prevx's director of research, said that Microsoft's patches were not to blame; he instead pinned responsibility for the black screens on malware infections.<p>The brouhaha began last Friday when Prevx said the Windows security updates issued in November changed Access Control List (ACL) entries in the registry, preventing some installed software from running properly.
Security features include 40/64-, 128-and 152-bit WEP data encryption, MAC address authentication with 256-user access control list, and VPN pass-through support.
Every object in a domain has an Access Control List that defines users and groups that have permissions for that object.
Finally, the Access Control List (ACL) rights are copying now with a dataset (file, folder or other object) linked to these rights.
As for access rights control, the Windows ACL (Access Control List) feature offers sophisticated shared folder permission settings, which simplify IT management for businesses with a large number of users.
- An extension of WekaIO's simple, intuitive management design that will enable customers to operate in the secure multi-tenant environments they need: Directory services integration with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory; support for Access Control Lists (ACLs) with multi-protocol interoperability between SMB, NFS and POSIX; the ability to set User Quotas for multi-user environments; and the ability to create multiple file systems for multi-tenant isolation
Private or permissioned blockchains apply restrictions for read access using traditional means of firewalls and access control lists. Even so, a hacker only needs to compromise a few computers to get full access to data in a ledger.
For example, enterprises use Active Directory for identification and Windows Access Control Lists for fine-grained control over access to folders and files, and their applications typically rely on storage that provides full Windows file system compatibility.
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