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Access to Excellence created district programs, system programs, and administrative actions.
One of the interesting features of Access to Excellence is that it ignored the state's call for schools to be within 15% of the district's racial makeup.
The more one talks both to service leavers about how they have moved into civil life and to employers who have engaged them, the more one is convinced that TSRO has, first, trained its 'clients' how to look for new careers and sell themselves and then developed an excellent marketing programme promoting that concept of Access to Excellence.
As time goes on, perhaps TSRO will have completed the task of selling Access to Excellence and SEN will have become a universally accepted source of recruitment.
And so, Access to Excellence was designed to make a pretty good thing a lot better: to increase the autonomy of local school districts in determining teachers need; to create enough alternatives so that schools can vary as widely as the children they serve; to move away from the traditional statemandated curriculum, freeing the state to develop ideas and models (a model math and science school, a model school for the arts) which localities can adopt or not as they please.
Supporting its Access to Excellence plan, CSU campuses will operate on the same standardized local area network equipment from Alcatel-Lucent for the next eight years.
As one of three organisations funded to promote the aims of the manifesto, The Sage Gateshead received pounds 1m which it used to initiate Access to Excellence, a series of model music and teaching projects designed to be copied throughout the country.
We believe all children should have access to excellence and the best education we can provide.
According to ACW's annual report, Access to Excellence, during the 2002-03 period,
Likewise I am struck by the ambition, boldness, and creativity of the Wales Millennium Centre and how it will offer audiences access to excellence and provide wide-ranging opportunities for artists from across the globe.
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