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ATHCAccess to Health Care
ATHCAddressing Tobacco in Healthcare (University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health; Madison, WI)
ATHCAlaska Tribal Health Compact
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To carry out studies on the impacts of the crisis on access to health care services:
The function of CNAHCA is to follow health care reform projects and state legislative bills, which affect nursing and access to health care in Colorado.
In the midst of a threat of pandemic, the media does not remind us of the national health insurance crisis or of the lack of access to health care that is truly a global disaster.
When parents are covered, children are more apt to enroll in public health insurance programs and have regular access to health care.
Portland) report findings of a study of 500-plus families in Oregon, conducted between 2002 and 2003, examining health, insurance, and access to health care among families leaving welfare for work.
According to Squires, the project will implement "a sustainable and replicable plan to increase access to health care and to integrate primary care with mental health and oral health services to promote whole-person wellness.
It means that displaced Iraqis are expected to be treated in the same way as the local population in getting access to health care.
Health data from Guatemala (6) indicate that there is a persistent gap in access to health care between indigenous and nonindigenous groups.
1 over-arching issue is better access to health care for people living the communities and that includes access to physicians and health-care providers.
Burgard agrees: "Since body mass index is linked to socioeconomic status, access to health care, ethnicity, level of physical activity, weight cycling, and stress--including stigma--there are an awful lot of confounding factors here which are rarely teased apart.
a reaffirmation of support for improved access to health care services in the home and community;
Culture and behavior seem to trump access to health care in improving human life span.
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