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ACNOArts Council of New Orleans (Louisiana)
ACNOAssociation des Comites Nationaux Olympiques (French: Association of the National Olympic Committees)
ACNOAssistant Chief of Naval Operations
ACNOAssistant Chief Nursing Officer
ACNOAccession Number
ACNOAnti-Cancer Number One (Chinese herb formula)
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We have previously shown and isolated the cDNA of this gene from Camelus dromedaries and identified the gene sequences (NCBI accession number HQ214118) (Elrobh et al., 2011).
Recommendation.--When an accession number has not yet been assigned (eg, frozen sections or intraprocedural consultations), laboratories should label the blocks and slides with at least 2 patient identifiers, 1 of which is the patient name.
The first section on general information encompasses the protein name, organism name, taxonomic lineage and accession number. The next section includes the physicochemical properties like molecular weight, pI, amino acid composition, and hydropathy plot.
BlastP analysis revealed a strain specific region (2514 bp; Genbank accession number ASQO01000014.1, regions 3109 : 596) contains a unique TBDR, which showed 98% identity with a TBDR of Pseudomonas nitroreducens.
1- Cebus albifrons--GB: Cebus albifrons [12], Accession Number: AJ309866, Identities = 555/632 (87.8%), Gaps = 7/632 (1.1%), Query coverage = 86.0%.
Accession numbers of ErbB2 ligands Protein Accession number EGF NP_001954 HRG-[alpha] NP_039258 HRG-[beta] NP_039250 TGF-[alpha] NP_003227 Betacellulin NP_001720 Amphiregulin NP_001648
The catalogue's inconsistencies also extend to the handling of such technical material as Folger accession numbers: in some cases, Charteris appears to have confused accession dates and accession numbers, either of which might appear in pencil on the rear pastedown of a given volume (an example is V.b.281, whose actual accession number is 520630, not F.6.30.52), and has copied accession dates without standardizing their format (e.g.
Abstract from: Ovid Technologies: PsycINFO Accession number: 1993-29017-001.
The catalogue is arranged in two main categories--mechanical banks and still banks--each chronologically organized, and features a full-color photograph of each bank, accompanied by the bank's title (or type), designer, manufacturer, date, materials employed, dimension, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts accession number.
"We process them here and assign an accession number. It's like a library card system," she explains, displaying sealed plastic bags filed by unique accession numbers.
The last set of digits of the release designation corresponds to the Texas (T-) accession number, denoting the recurrent primitive parent (Percival, 1987).