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ACNOArts Council of New Orleans (Louisiana)
ACNOAssociation des Comites Nationaux Olympiques (French: Association of the National Olympic Committees)
ACNOAssistant Chief of Naval Operations
ACNOAssistant Chief Nursing Officer
ACNOAccession Number
ACNOAnti-Cancer Number One (Chinese herb formula)
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We have previously shown and isolated the cDNA of this gene from Camelus dromedaries and identified the gene sequences (NCBI accession number HQ214118) (Elrobh et al.
Names of all GST genes in surveyed species and their accession numbers are listed in Table I.
The report and all material should list the surgical case type (for example, S = surgical, C = cytology, A = autopsy); the year, listed as the last 2 digits of the year in which the procedure was performed (14 = 2014); and the unique accession number (9999).
The first section on general information encompasses the protein name, organism name, taxonomic lineage and accession number.
Material examined: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: 1 specimen, Underberg, in moss (SMLA accession number 9359).
A BLAST (11) search performed with human EGF against the non redundant (nr) mycobacterial protein database at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) (Table 2), showed a sequence similarity (Expect Value 0022) with a short segment of a putative multidrug resistance pump protein (NCBI RefSeq accession number NP_302390).
The full report "Opening the Door to the American Dream: Increasing Higher Education Access and Success for Immigrants" is available at ERIC accession number ED497030.
For each of his 168 "sources", Charteris provides, as appropriate, information on the source's physical description; watermarks; imprint; provenance; Folger accession number, former pressmark, and microfilm details, as well as general comments and a list of relevant scholarly literature.
Entries include a description, imprint (when published versions of the music are in the collection as well), comments on the paper, provenance, accession number, former pressmark or former description, commentary (about the features of individual manuscripts), microfilm available at the library, related literature, and an inventory of the music contained in an individual source.
The catalogue is arranged in two main categories--mechanical banks and still banks--each chronologically organized, and features a full-color photograph of each bank, accompanied by the bank's title (or type), designer, manufacturer, date, materials employed, dimension, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts accession number.
We process them here and assign an accession number.