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ARSAddiction Recovery Services (various locations)
ARSArtists Rights Society
ARSAgricultural Research Service (USDA)
ARSArgentina Peso (national currency; successor of Austral 1992)
ARSAlt.Religion.Scientology (newsgroup)
ARSAmerican Rose Society
ARSArizona Revised Statutes
ARSAmerican Rhododendron Society
ARSAutomatic Route Selection
ARSAnimal Rescue Site
ARSAgence Régionale de Santé (French: Regional Health Agency)
ARSAllocation de Rentrée Scolaire (French: Back to School Allowance)
ARSAction Request System (Remedy Corp/AT&T)
ARSAcute Radiation Sickness
ARSApple Retail Store (various locations)
ARSAirline Reservation System
ARSAttendance Recording System (software; various companies)
ARSInternational Applied Reliability Symposium
ARSArhiv Republike Slovenije (Slovenian: Archives of the Republic of Slovenia)
ARSAcute Radiation Syndrome
ARSAcute Retroviral Syndrome (illness)
ARSApplication and Reporting System (Nordplus Framework Programme)
ARSAdolf Reichwein Schule (German: Adolf Reichwein School)
ARSAcoustic Noise Reduction System
ARSAdvanced Vehicle Restraint System
ARSAdvanced Router System
ARSAutomatic Routing Selection
ARSActive Roll Stabilization
ARSApple Retail Store
ARSAddress Resolution Server
ARSAdvanced Replacement Rma Service
ARSAutomatic Recognition System
ARSAsset Recovery Services
ARSAbstract Record Structure
ARSAuto Route Smtp
ARSAdaptive Restraint System
ARSAtlanta Rhythm Section (band)
ARSAir Refueling Squadron
ARSSalvage Ship
ARSAlliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (political group)
ARSActive Roll Stabilization (automotive design)
ARSAuction Rate Security
ARSAir Reserve Station
ARSAmateur Radio Service
ARSAttorney Referral Service (various organizations)
ARSAutonomously Replicating Sequence (genetics)
ARSAmateur Radio Station
ARSAon Risk Services (various locations)
ARSArmenian Relief Society (Watertown, Massachusetts)
ARSAsphalt Roofing Shingles
ARSAutomated Response System
ARSAmerican Rhinologic Society
ARSAir Rescue Service (USAF)
ARSAuthorized Return Service (UPS)
ARSAmerican Rocket Society
ARSAUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) Range Services
ARSAssociation pour la Recherche sur la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique
ARSAnnual Report to Shareholders
ARSArea of Research Strength (various schools)
ARSAir-Raid Siren
ARSAutomatic Retrieval System (libraries)
ARSArterial Road System (St. Louis, MO)
ARSAmerican Radium Society
ARSAccident Reporting System
ARSAdsense Revenue Sharing
ARSAngular Rate Sensor
ARSAuto Repuestos del Sur (Spanish: South Auto Parts; Guatemala)
ARSAir Rescue Squadron (USAF)
ARSAmerican Residential Services, Inc.
ARSAir Revitalization System
ARSAir Recovery System
ARSAccredited Relocation Specialist (real estate)
ARSAyn Rand Society
ARSAgricultural Recruitment System
ARSAir Roll Spin (bodyboarding)
ARSAlternate Route Selection
ARSAerial Refueling System
ARSAtelier de Recherche Sociologique (French: Sociological Research Workshop)
ARSAttitude Reference System
ARSAnaesthetic Research Society
ARSActive Roles Server (Quest Software, Inc.)
ARSAbstraction Reference and Synthesis
ARSAcoustic Resonance Spectroscopy
ARSAnti-Reflux Surgery
ARSAustralian Rhododendron Society
ARSArgus Remote Surveillance (software)
ARSAnti-Rabies Serum (equine origin)
ARSApproximate Reasoning in Scheduling
ARSArkansas Southern Railroad
ARSAustralian Rugby Shield (competition)
ARSAir Reserve Squadron (USAF)
ARSAdvanced Recovery System
ARSAir Radio System
ARSAerial Refueling Store
ARSAddress Resolution Service (Sprint)
ARSAmphibious Reconnaissance School (Marine Corps)
ARSAseguradoras del Régimen Subsidiado (Colombia)
ARSAuxiliary Rescue/Salvage (Ship)
ARSAdvanced Regulating Station
ARSAction Remedy System
ARSAdvanced Radiographic System
ARSAlternative Response Systems
ARSAccount Registration System
ARSAngle Resolved Scatter (measures angular distribution of light scattered from surface)
ARSAtmospheric Revitalization System
ARSAdditive Requirements
ARSAdvanced Rocket System
ARSApplication Requirements Specification
ARSActive Radar Seeker
ARSArchive and Retrieval Subsystem
ARSAudible Ring Signaler
ARSAutomatic Reserve Sharing System (energy production)
ARSAerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance
ARSArchive Retrieval System
ARSAir Refueling Store
ARSAs Required for Subject Assembly
ARSAir Resupply Squadron (USAF)
ARSAgency Rating Systems Inc (Waxahachie, TX)
ARSAerial RADIAC System
ARSActive Ranging Sensor
ARSActive Request System
ARSALTAIR Recording System
ARSActive Repeater Satellite
ARSAdvanced Records System
ARSArchival Recording System
ARSAntenna Receiving System
ARSAddress Recognition System
ARSAccount Record Storage Manager
ARSAtomic Resonance Spectroscopy
ARSAttack Radar Set
ARSArm Rest Switch
ARSAccess Rate System
ARSAirborne Relay Station
ARSAuriol Racing Services (France)
ARSAlcohol Rehabilitation Service
ARSArmy Reserve Sustainment
ARSAutomated Refueling System
ARSAutomatic Refueling System
ARSAccount Retention Specialist
ARSAdvanced Research Section
ARSAsil Residential Services, Inc.
ARSAutomated Reconfiguration System
ARSAutomated Resume Subsystem
ARSAuto Registration Sensor
ARSAttenuating Restraint Systems
ARSAutomated/Automatic Reporting System
ARSAerial Reconnaissance & Security
ARSAerial Recovery System
ARSAutomated Requisition System
ARSAutomobile Repair Sales & Towing (Milwaukee, WI)
ARSAutonomous Replicating Sequence element
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Much like FHSD's staff and student accident reporting system, KJHS implemented a web-based student behavior management system.
SAVE, Sun-java-based Automatic VEhicular accident reporting system, could determine the nature of an accident, and automatically call emergency medical services for possible action.
Note: This National Highway Traffic Safety Administration list is based on data in the Federal Fatal Accident Reporting System gathered from 1991 through 1994.
Each year, the Department of Health and Human Services records about 2,000 more deaths in traffic crashes than does NHTSA's Fatal Accident Reporting System, which reports only on fatal crashes.
HSIS is different from other "crash-based" safety systems, such as the National Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) and the National Accident Sampling System (NASS).
This analysis used data from the Fatal Accident Reporting System of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Data were obtained from the Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) of the U.
IBNYS) in Albany and its affiliate, The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI) in Rochester, to operate the Department's toll-free hotline for the New York State Accident Reporting System.
It is envisioned that a majority of the traffic data will come from the Atlanta Regional travel demand model, Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System (GEARS), Georgia s Advanced Traffic Management System (NaviGAtor), Regional Transportation Operations Program, GDOT s annual traffic count program, information from transit providers, Georgia s Natural, Archeological, and Historic Resources Geographic Information Systems (GNAHRGIS), and others as appropriate.
Every one of Manatee County's 51 schools is equipped with cameras, motion detectors, the visitor management system, infrared systems, which are used after hours to track a burglar in a school via body heat, and a Web-based student accident reporting system, which lets staff record every student accident, whether on the playground, the football field, in the gym, or in the hallway.
Establishment of a unified construction accident reporting system.
Institute researchers compared two databases containing information about fatal car/truck crashes: the Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) and the National Accident Sampling System (NASS).
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