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The accident and sickness models apply to products such as hospital confinement insurance, indemnity insurance, accident-only insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance.
Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards Model Act
The India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance programme is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company, United States.
It will also cover customer's premiums in the event of any accident and sickness during the first 18 months of the contract with benefits payable until the end of the finance term.
* Mortgage Payment Protection--Sold to individuals through the lending institution, to cover mortgage payments in the event of loss of employment, accident and sickness.
As costs for health care continued to escalate, the cost of Blanket Accident and Sickness Medical insurance increased too.
(1) Data for 1958 are from Health Insurance Plans Under Collective Bargaining Accident and Sickness Benefits, Fall 1958, Bulletin 1250 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1959).
The task force has excited insurance groups, producer groups and consumer groups by posting early draft revisions of the NAIC's Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards Model Act (Model 170) and the NAIC's Model Regulation to Implement the Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards Model Act (Model 171).
Related insurance programmes, such as Student Accident and Sickness and Special Risks, including youth activities, day care and non-profit groups, will become available later this year.
It provides three key elements of business protection such as business protection life cover, business protection critical illness cover and business protection accident and sickness cover.
Consolidation within the Canadian group accident and sickness market has created integration challenges for the survivors.
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