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AVsAvalanche (Colorado Avalanche hockey team)
AVsAnti-Virus Software
AVsAmerican Vacuum Society
AVsAsian Variety Show (US TV show)
AVsAverage Speed
AVsAudio Video Systems, Inc.
AVsAuxiliaires de Vie Scolaire (French: Auxiliary of Life School)
AVsArya Vaidya Sala (Indian hospital; aka Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala; also seen as KAVS)
AVsAnti-Vibration System
AVsAdvanced Visual Systems
AVsAddress Verification System
AVsAssurance Vieillesse et Survivants (French)
AVsAir Velocity
AVsAudio Video Coding Standard (China)
AVsAudi Valvelift System (engine part)
AVsAdvanced Video System
AVsActive Virus Shield (software)
AVsAudio Video Selector
AVsAlpenverein Südtirol (Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of South Tyrol)
AVsAudio Visual Stimulation
AVsApplication Visualization System
AVsA Votre Service (French: At Your Service; various organizations)
AVsAnimal and Veterinary Science
AVsAdaptive Voltage Scaling
AVsAvi Synth
AVsAudio Video Subsystem
AVsAutomatic Version Synchronization
AVsApplication Velocity System
AVsAvailability Status
AVsanti Virus Stations
AVsAudi Valvelift System
AVsanti Vibration System
AVsanti Virus Software
AVsanti Virus Service
AVsAge Verification System
AVsAdvanced Visualization Studio
AVsAdvanced Voice Services
AVsAddress Verification Service
AVsAdaptive Variable Suspension
AVsActive Virus Shield
AVsAccording to Various Sources
AVsAfter-Visit Summary (healthcare)
AVsAvailability Status (airline reservation systems)
AVsAmerican Vegan Society (Malaga, NJ)
AVsA Vida Secreta (Portuguese: The Secret Life; website)
AVsAdult Vocational Services (various organizations)
AVsAmerican Viola Society
AVsAddress Verification Services
AVsApplication Velocity System (Cisco)
AVsAdvanced Visualization System
AVsAge Verification Service (used on adult sites)
AVsApplied Vegetation Science
AVsAdult Verification Service
AVsAcid Volatile Sulfide
AVsAviation Systems
AVsAirborne Video Surveillance
AVsAutomated Vehicle Scheduling (software)
AVsAvionics System
AVsAssociate Value Specialist (engineering certification)
AVsAdvanced Voice Service (software)
AVsAir Valve Secondary (carburetor)
AVsA Virtual Solution
AVsAssociation for Volunteer Services (Lebanon)
AVsAdvanced Voting Solutions Inc
AVsAvionics Technician (Canadian Air Force)
AVsAviation Supply Ship
AVsAutomatic Verification System
AVsAdditional Value Shares
AVsAvalanche Style (California Avalanche Club)
AVsAuburn Village School (Auburn, New Hampshire)
AVsAmerican Violet Society (Yukon, Pennsylvania)
AVsAivan Sama (Finnish)
AVsAudiovisual Squadron (US Air Force Aerospace Audiovisual Service)
AVsArbitrarily Varying Source
AVsAuto Voltage Select (power supplies)
AVsArmy Veterinary Service
AVsAeromedical Visual Standards
AVsAbrasion Value Steel (engineering/geology)
AVsAudit Verification System
AVsAffordable Virtual Servers (Australia)
AVsAssociation Vacances Sélestat (French: Holidays Association Selestat; est. 1947; Selestat, France)
AVsAsociación Vida Sana (Spanish: Fitness Association)
AVsArt and Visual Services
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employs 4,500 associates and generates between $500 million and $600 million a year in revenue, according to various sources.
According to various sources, if the Barbaros, Turkey's seismic research vessel currently doing the rounds of Cypriot offshore blocks, leaves Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ) soon, the omens are good for a swift return to the negotiating table, even with Turkey's navigational telex (NAVTEX) still in place.
According to various sources, Argentine international Angel Di Maria is set to complete a big move from Real Madrid to Old Trafford.
According to various sources, the plane carried from 112 to 119 passengers.
According to various sources, including IGN, the boy used skills he learned from playing the game, World of Warcraft.
number of neighborhoods to arrest Palestinians, according to various sources.
According to various sources familiar with the situation, the layoffs announced last week resulted from the newspaper's need to shift toward more online video.
But Bin Hammam, according to various sources, has recently visited numerous west Asian Football Associations with the sole objective to influence the elections in favour of candidates still close to him.
As of 2009, the construction of the new stadium is on hold, due to the global financial crisis and according to various sources the construction works will start in late 2010 or in early 2011
Deal price is not disclosed officially, however media report that Rotenberg bought the asset at sizeable premium (up to 36%) to market levelsN According to various sources Rostelecom stock was valued at R150-167 per share.
According to various sources, thousands of men had been summoned in the past two months to strengthen the ranks of the 300,000 strong military.
According to various sources, the average today is 176 square feet per employee as compared to 225 square feet in 2010, and may shrink to as little as 151 square feet per employee in 2017.