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Another advantage to the bank's end users is the ability to use an account register to categorize their financial transactions and run reports on their accounts.
They analyzed, fully transliterated and published the account registers of the central treasury, the Istanbul shipyard and the waqf institutions.
However, neither the accounting principles and procedures in these books, nor the relationship between different sorts of account registers, nor the relevant organizations and practitioners have been treated in detail.
Similar to the account registers of the Monastery of Silos in Spain, inheritances were recorded as miscellaneous revenues [Prieto et al.
Sub-totals were stated for each income and expenditure item and the terms "from this, from that" (minha), "deducted therefrom" (min-zalike'l-baki, vuzi'a min zalike) and "remained" (el-baki, nassu'l-baki, sahhu'l-baki) were employed in the account registers.
Nobody looked at the other entries in the account registers," she says of the research project that took her more than seven years.
Enhancing the powers of EU Financial Intelligence Units and facilitating their cooperation: the scope of information accessible by the Financial Intelligence Units will be widened, and they will have access to information in centralised bank and payment account registers and central data retrieval systems, which Member States will have to establish to identify holders of bank and payment accounts;
In addition, to avoid conflict of interests and artificially low fees from the auditing party, which will then be compensated by the provision of better remunerated services, the regulation on the control of accounts of public interest entities forbids these methods and contains a list of services which are incompatible with the audit (preparation of accounting and financial statements, legal counsel, risk management, bookkeeping and the preparation of account registers notably).
Users can choose from several different methods of handling income, including invoices, statements, cash sales, and direct entry into customer and bank account registers.
Users can quickly and easily look up account balances, account registers, spending by category and business expense reports, whenever and wherever its convenient.
With Pocket Quicken, users quickly and easily look up account balances, account registers, expense and income category reports, even business expense reports.