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Additionally, the company provides 'Moneytree Link', a financial data platform that aggregates financial data for accounting service providers and financial institutions.
KYC covered entities: Banks and credit institutions; Russian Post; payment acceptance and money transfer services; securities, insurance, and leasing companies; investment and nonstate pension funds; casinos and gaming outlets; dealers in precious metals and stones; real estate agents; pawnshops, microfinance organizations, and consumer credit cooperatives; and legal or accounting service providers
If accounting service specification standards are ill-defined or vague, accounting service providers run the risk of delivering inappropriate services to the user, resulting in Gap 3.
The service marketing approach encourages accounting service providers to view users of accounting information as internal customers.
Management accounting service providers, however, in order to provide the right services to their customers, need to understand whether their perspectives on accounting services differ from the users' perspectives and, if so, how.
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