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ACLVAcross-Chip Linewidth Variation (semi conductor manufacturing)
ACLVAccrued Leave
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However, you will be entitled to all accrued leave benefits as of your date of leaving the employer's services.
Using their accrued leave, they visited Peru and Chile, a grassroots vacation, the couple encountered 25 or so volunteers experiencing successes and failures much like theirs.
Richardson contends that a county commissioner, whom she has not named, first suggested that she look into converting the accrued leave into take-home pay and that a second unnamed commissioner was aware of this.
Kingfisher said in its annual report that Agarwal's stated remuneration "excludes accrued leave encashment and gratuity since the same have been recognised for the Company as a whole and cannot be determined at an employee level.
Among the reasons for the increase of expenditure over income was the planned reduction in college and section reserves, a loss of valuation on investments, employee entitlements, eg the cost of outstanding and accrued leave, and planned operational investment in technology and staff.
They accrue a certain entitlement in one year and if it is not taken, are they allowed to carry it over to further years and then be paid in lieu of that accrued leave on termination of their employment?
Chief Handfield will go on leave beginning July 1, using accrued leave time, and his retirement will be effective Dec.
A number, including California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Florida, have held that accrued leave time is marital property that is subject to division at the time of dissolution.
Some jobs require the traditional full-time week (35-40 hours) but even then variable start, finish and lunch times with additional accrued leave is often available.
35-40 hours, but even then variable start, finish and lunch times with additional accrued leave is often available.
An accompanying policy on leave and flex time means 10 system employees who are currently serving in the Legislature will have to use accrued leave in order to leave work to carry out their Capitol duties.