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ADDAttention Deficit Disorder
ADDAdvertisement (slang, chiefly Australian)
ADDArea Development District
ADDAng Dating Daan (Tagalog: The Old Path; Philippines religious TV show)
ADDAdvanced Drug Delivery
ADDActual Delivery Date
ADDAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons
ADDAdministration on Developmental Disabilities
ADDAssemblée de Dieu (French: Assembly of God)
ADDApplied Digital Data (various locations)
ADDAssociate Deputy Director (various organizations)
ADDAnti-Dumping Duty (import tax; various nations)
ADDAudio Day Dream (album)
ADDAccelerated Development and Deployment (US Department of Energy)
ADDAdapter Device Driver
ADDAir Dry Density (moisture content)
ADDArchitecture Design and Development (University of Nairobi)
ADDAverage Daily Dose
ADDAnalog Digital Digital
ADDArchitecture Definition Document
ADDAutomatic Document Detection
ADDAdvanced Digital Display
ADDAutomatic Disconnection Differential
ADDAgp Digital Display
ADDAnti Doping Danmark (Danish drug agency)
ADDAt Deaths Door (Everquest Guild)
ADDAng Dating Daan (Philippine evangelical group)
ADDAdvanced Digital Design
ADDAction on Disability and Development
ADDAssistant District Director
ADDAccidental Death or Dismemberment
ADDAttribute Driven Design (software development)
ADDAgricultural Development Division
ADDAccumulated Degree Days (forensics decomposition rates)
ADDAnalog/Digital/Digital (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
ADDAgency of Defence Development (South Korea)
ADDArchitectural Design Document
ADDAmerican Dream Denial (System Of A Down song)
ADDAssign On-Line Diagnostic (US DoD)
ADDAgriculture et Développement Durable
ADDAction pour le Développement Durable (French: Action for Sustainable Development; Niger)
ADDAbbott Diagnostic Division
ADDArithmetic Developed Daily (textbook)
ADDArctic Environment Data Directory
ADDArchitecture Description Document
ADDAddis Ababa, Ethiopia - Bole (Airport Code)
ADDAgeing & Disability Department
ADDAir Defense District
ADDAlgebraic Decision Diagram
ADDAnother Dating Disaster (Sex & the City TV show)
ADDAtaturkcu Dusunce Dernegi (Turkish)
ADDAssociation pour le Développement Durable
ADDAutomatic Document Distribution
ADDAmerican Dialect Dictionary
ADDAutomated Dispensing Device (drug storage/dispensing)
ADDAthlete Development Director
ADDAerosol Dispensers Directive (EU)
ADDAlphanumeric Display Device
ADDAdditional Driver Discovery
ADDAcceptable Deferred Defect (aviation)
ADDAirstream Direction Detector (measures Angle of Attack)
ADDAutomated Design and Documentation
ADDAdded Power for Near Vision
ADDAdd/Drop Distributor (NEC)
ADDAuthorized Digital Dealers
ADDActual Delivery Density (fire sprinklers)
ADDArmy Data Dictionary
ADDAmericans with Disabilities Decisions
ADDAcoustic Drop Detect
ADDAcoustic Deception Device
ADDAverage Drop Distance
ADDArchitecture Detail Document
ADDAuthorized Derivative Declassifier
ADDArchitectural Definition Document
ADDAutonomous Dynamics Determination
ADDAnalog Data Decommutator
ADDAttitude Determination Device
ADDArrest in Dilation/Descent (labor)
ADDAcquisition Definition Document
ADDArmy Digital Division
ADDAuthorized Development Deviation
ADDAcceleration Driven Damping
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Estimated number of generations of Diachasmimorpha longicaudata per year in 4 fruit-producing counties in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, based on annual average temperatures ([degrees]C) and annual accumulated degree days (DD), for D.
accumulated degree days (ADD) or the thermal constant (K) of the Iranian lab-strain.
Details of development days, rate of development, development zero (Dz), and accumulated degree day (ADD) for P.
To facilitate predictions of its occurrence in the cotton crop, forecasts were using three years of data collected from pheromone traps and accumulated degree days (DD).
This study demonstrates efforts to generate data for forecasting models based on seasonal trap catches and accumulated degree days (ADD) in a bid to improve control measures at the given economic threshold level (ETL) and help in strengthen the current IPM strategies.
The DD for each day were converted into Accumulated Degree Days (ADD) for three years, each year starting from the 1st January and ending on the 31st December.
Mean per trap population of bollworm moth and accumulated degree days (ADD) in un-sprayed cotton from July, 1 to October, 13 in different years.
Comparison of observed and predicted dates of occurrence of spotted bollworm generations and their relevant accumulated degree days.
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