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ASDSAmerican Society of Dermatologic Surgery
ASDSAdjustable Speed Drive System (automobiles)
ASDSAdvanced SEAL Delivery System
ASDSAccunet Spectrum of Digital Services (AT&T)
ASDSAdvanced Sensor Distribution System
ASDSAir Situation Display System
ASDSAirborne Serial Data System
ASDSAutomatic Shut Down Sequence
ASDSAdvanced SCM Delivery System
ASDSARTS Software Development System
ASDSAdvanced Strap Down Seeker (Missile Defense Agency / US Army SMDC)
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With AT&T's Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services (ASDS), companies can now use a portion of the T1's 1.
AT&T's Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services (ASDS) solved this dilemma last June by offering portions of the T1 bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of a full T1 link.
With the introduction of Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services (ASDS) in June, AT&T reaffirmed its decision to phase out voice-grade private-line offerings in favor of digital services.