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AIArtificial Intelligence
AIAdobe Illustrator (and file extension)
AIAmnesty International (human rights organization)
AIAir India (airline code)
AIArt Institute (art schools)
AIAmerican Idol (TV show)
AIAdditional Information
AIAppraisal Institute
AIAutomotive Industries (trade publication)
AIThe Art Institutes
AIAll Inclusive (hospitality industry)
AIAll in (poker)
AIAction Item
AIAvailability (Inherent)
AIAnalog Input
AIAnguilla (top-level domain name)
AIAllen Iverson (basketball player)
AIAppreciative Inquiry
AIAscension Island (South Atlantic oceanic island)
AIArea of Interest
AIAdequate Intake (Institute of Medicine nutrition standard)
AIActive Ingredient
AIAvian Influenza (aka Bird Flu)
AIAcademic Institution (education)
AIApplication Integration
AIAgenda Item (various organizations)
AIArtificial Insemination
AIAppleinsider (Apple rumor site)
AIAllegheny (airline code)
AIAmerican Idiot (Green Day music album)
AIAsphalt Institute
AIAudio Interface
AIAdministrative Instruction (US DoD)
AIApplied Innovations
AIAd Interim
AIAssurance Invalidité
AIAsociación de Internautas (Spanish)
AIAspen Institute
AIAnchorage-Independent (cells)
AIAndre Iguodala (basketball player)
AIAutomatic Identification
AIAutomated Information
AIAppenzell Innerrhoden (Swiss Half Canton)
AIAvengers Initiative (charity)
AIArt Index
AIAuthentication Information
AIAmnioinfusion (obstetrics)
AIArea Index
AIAromatase Inhibitor
AIAllergology International (Japanese Society of Allergology)
AIApplication Interface
AIArmy Intelligence
AIAdrenal Insufficiency
AIAleutian Islands
AIAirbus Industrie (currently AIRBUS)
AIAirborne Intercept (radar)
AIAir Interface
AIAuxiliary Input
AIAnimation Insider (website)
AIAngiotensin I
AIAdvance Information
AIAutomatic Indexing
AIApplication Identifier (bindery packaging standards)
AIAortic Insufficiency
AIAir Inlet
AIAir Interdiction
AIAeronautical Information
AIAccuracy International
AIAttitude Indicator
AIArea of Influence
AIArticulation Index
AIAirspeed Indicator
AIAssociate Instructor
AIAssistant Inspector
AIAsset Integration (US Air Force)
AIAnalytical Information
AIAdditional Insured (life insurance)
AIAdditional Issue
AIAlzheimer Italia
AIAccredited Investor
AIAstrobiology Institute (NASA)
AIAerosol Index
AIAir Intelligence (officer)
AIAdvocacy Institute
AIAnime Insider
AIAortic Incompetence
AIAirborne Interceptor (US DoD)
AIAccident Investigator
AIAtomics International
AIAppenzell Inner-Rhoden (canton postcode, Switzerland)
AIAcoustic Imaging
AIAbrasiveness Index
AIAir Intercept(or)
AIAir Ionizer
AIApplication Instance (SAP)
AIAssociate Investigator
AIAdapter Interface
AIAirborne Intercept
AIAutomatic Input
AIAirborne Interception
AIAircraft Identification
AIAdministrative Investigation (law enforcement)
AIAggregate Income
AIAmplifier Input
AIAsynchronous Interface (AT&T)
AIAlarm Interface (AT&T)
AIAuthorized Inspector
AIAntenna Impedance
AIAuricula Izquierda (Spanish: Left Atrium)
AIAmplitude Information
AIAssignment Instructions
AIAnticosti Island (St Lawrence River)
AIArcane Intellect (World of Warcraft gaming spell)
AIAction Indicator (ISDN)
AIAircraft Incident
AIAlternative Interrogation
AIAlpha Institute
AIAccidental Insurance
AIAnime Invasion (website)
AIAssistant Investigator
AIAirborne Intelligence
AIAged Individual
AIAzimuth Indicator
AIAltrusa International (Columbus, OH)
AIAircraft Inspector (also seen as A/I)
AIAbridged Index
AIAvailable for Issue
AIAcquisition Instruction
AIArchive Invalidation (software development)
AIAGRSUD International (France)
AIAssociative Ionization
AIAutistically Impaired
AIAlliance of Independents (Niue)
AIAccountability Individual
AIAnswer Indicator
AIActivity Interrupt (ITU-T)
AIAustropa Interconvention (Vienna, Austria)
AIAlarm Inhibit (Sprint)
AIAlpines International
AIAutomatic Investing
AIArchitects Instruction
AIAirfield Index
AIAnno Inventionis (Latin: in the year of discovery)
AIAcid Injector
AIAccess Issuing
AIAssociated Investigator
AIAnus Injection (procedure)
AIAdmittance Inverter (microwave circuits)
AIAnarchy Incorporated
AIAmbience Internet (Gold Coast, Australia)
AIArbitration Interval (serial data bus time delay)
AIAlternating Isometrics (PNF technique)
AISignaling Identification Assigned by Exchange A
AIAirways Indicator
AIAlloisoleucine Isoleucine
AIInherent Availability/Ability
AIAiducation International (education charity)
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In 2013, Accuracy International discontinued its range of AW and AE rifles to concentrate on its latest families of variants, the AX and AT, from 2014: "The main feature (of these new weapons) was a quick change barrel and the patent is pending for this unique design feature which allows for calibre changes in less than two minutes," Mr.
Present day sees Dave Walls, an Incorporated Engineer with an HNC in computerised manufacturing, member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and a member of the Institution of Engineering Designers, as owner and Director of Accuracy International Ltd, alongside Tom Irwin, with 50 staff in Portsmouth, England and Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA (Dave Caig retired in 2008 and remains as a consultant).
Fifteen versions allow shooters to pick a pod of a height that works for them or, in some cases, a Pod correct for their specific rifle type such as my Accuracy International rifle system, for example.
At a recent media event hosted by Bushnell Tactical and Accuracy International at Rockcastle Shooting Center, I put two consecutive rounds on a 18x24-inch steel plate at 1,430 yards.
62mm Accuracy International bolt action rifles are accurate to up to 1000 metres, were positioned on vantage points high above miles of moorland and wooded terrain.
The rifle Chris used was an Accuracy International L115A3 - designed to be accurate only up to 1,100 metres.
ACTIONS: Surgeon, Stiller, Accuracy International, Remington BARRELS: Broughton, Krieger, Shilen, Hart, Walther STOCKS: Accuracy International, McMillan, Manners TRIGGERS: Remington, Jewell SCOPES: Leupold, Nightforce, Schmidt 6 Bender, Unertl, Premier, Horus Vision CARTRIBBES: .
The rifle Cpl Reynolds used was an Accuracy International L115A3 - a large calibre weapon only designed to be accurate over a range of up to 1,100 metres.
Optional mounting systems are available for Accuracy International and Sako rifles.
The cure is simple and money well spent: convert the rifle to Badger bottom metal and use the Accuracy International magazines.
Around 35 animals were shot by a four-man squad using high-powered Accuracy International sniper rifles on land at Liscarroll, Mallow, Co Cork, on Tuesday.
308 Win GAP conversion of a Remington 700 bolt action mounted to Accuracy International stock is my attempt to make the rifle smaller by being able to fold the stock over for transporting purposes.