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ANAVAsociación Nuclear Asco-Vandellos (Spanish: Asco-Vandellos Nuclear Association)
ANAVAssociazione Nazionale Autotrasporto Viaggiatori (Italian: National Association of Road Passengers; Rome, Italy; passenger rights)
ANAVAdjusted Net Asset Value
ANAVAssistant Navigator (United States Navy)
ANAVAccurate Navigation
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The predicable operation, accurate navigation, smooth acceleration/ deceleration, non-contact safety bumpers, and visual and audible warning signals gave workers confidence that the AGVs would improve safety.
More significantly, incredible electronic developments allow the UAVs to carry a huge range of sensors and weapons that make extremely accurate navigation and targeting possible so that one drone one target can now be more effective than two squadrons of conventional aircraft once were.
Better warhead carrying capacity and better accurate navigation system.
On a tough terrain, accurate navigation was essential but it suited the likes Simpson and Ross as they both produced second place finishes.
The Condor was well known for being capable of long air routes before the War broke out; its accurate navigation capabilities over long tracts of ocean took a special toll of discipline among its pilots and crew.
The 20-mile race includes several sections of extremely featureless moorland where accurate navigation is crucial - so dense mist leading to near-zero visibility made the route-finding particularly demanding.
The story starts way back in the 16th century, when the power-hungry seafaring nations of Europe realised that accurate timekeeping was key to accurate navigation.
Accurate navigation, using the map, is as important as running quickly so it is also great for exercising the brain.
It provides parachutists with accurate navigation capabilities and enhanced situational awareness, allowing them to fly to their designated landing zones, says the company.
Science writer Wakefield describes Edmond Halley's greatest achievement, which was not predicting the course of the comet that bears his name, but accurate navigation involving the determination of true v.
User Profile: Groups of hunters who need accurate navigation tools and the ability to keep in verbal contact with one another.
It enables video menus, which allow faster, more accurate navigation of the self-service environment, according to Steve Kowarsky, executive vice president.