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ANAVAsociación Nuclear Asco-Vandellos (Spanish: Asco-Vandellos Nuclear Association)
ANAVAssociazione Nazionale Autotrasporto Viaggiatori (Italian: National Association of Road Passengers; Rome, Italy; passenger rights)
ANAVAdjusted Net Asset Value
ANAVAssistant Navigator (United States Navy)
ANAVAccurate Navigation
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The short races involved navigating a course of up to 3km around the buildings and grounds of the Darlington school which required accurate navigation and quick decision making with every second counting.
In a recent test, the Raytheon-built Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver 2000 (MAGR2K) maintained GPS satellite tracking and provided accurate navigation at jamming levels far exceeding technical requirements.
AIM 1-1-18 goes on to say that a properly functioning RNAV system with a current, accurate navigation database should still fly the correct ground track for any loaded instrument procedure, despite differences in magnetic course attributable to magnetic variation source.
It is said give accurate navigation guidance when blind people find themselves at an unchartered place or a building premise.
As the development of automation indoor mobile robots, how to obtain accurate navigation information of indoor mobile robots has received great attention over the past few decades.
EMCORE's fiber optic gyro technology is designed for fast, accurate navigation and gyrocompassing, and low noise line- of-sight stabilization.
Again the route uses a vast array of different terrain, including dunes, fast tracks, rocky trails and sandy piste, with the emphasis on accurate navigation.
The stage offers a wide range of tracks and challenges to competitors and accurate navigation will be crucial across the myriad of winding desert trails.
The predicable operation, accurate navigation, smooth acceleration/ deceleration, non-contact safety bumpers, and visual and audible warning signals gave workers confidence that the AGVs would improve safety.
More significantly, incredible electronic developments allow the UAVs to carry a huge range of sensors and weapons that make extremely accurate navigation and targeting possible so that one drone one target can now be more effective than two squadrons of conventional aircraft once were.
Better warhead carrying capacity and better accurate navigation system.