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ACDC[not an acronym] slang for bisexuality
ACDCAlternating Current/Direct Current
ACDCAgricultural Communications Documentation Center
ACDCAll Campus Dining Center (Vassar College)
ACDCAustrian Cluster Data Centre
ACDCAsociación de Consumidores de Derivados del Cannabis
ACDCAdvisory Council on Development Cooperation
ACDCAsian Community Development Corporation (Boston, MA)
ACDCAccio Ciutadana de Catalunya (Citizen Action of Catalonia; Spanish Catalan Party)
ACDCAll Canadian Doukhobor Choir (Canada)
ACDCAccurate Coordinate Datasets Collection
ACDCAdipocyte, C1q, and Collagen Domain Containing (Protein)
ACDCAdvisory Committee to the Director (US NIH)
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The ACDC had a complete set of the magazines dating back to 1962
The AZ ACDC Mentoring Program will provide cultural awareness and sensitivity to address these issues.
ACDC provides regular training and educational opportunities for all staff members.
I will be head-banging to ACDC, I have a car to restore and antiques to collect," he told the audience.
Emerson Network Power (Columbus, OH) launches a high efficiency 100-150 watt ACDC supply that features both ITE and non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical safety approvals.
ACDC physician from the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention says since doctors may have lost some of the skills needed to diagnose syphilis, the comeback calls for new training among healthcare professionals in many countries, in addition to the United States.
The ACDC is an affiliate of the Arkansas Capital Corp.
Los presidentes salientes; Mario Cesar Gonzalez por parte de ACDC y Julio Rodriguez de ACTIVA, comentaron que se cumplio con el objetivo primordial que tenian en comun unir a los miembros de las dos asociaciones en una sola antes de terminar su gestion, ademas de que era un compromiso con la Asociacion Nacional.
So to make amends, and in spite of the fact that I hate tribute bands, I have to tell you that ACDC tribute band ABCD play Belfast's Limelight on Thursday.
Not against Wells, who prepares for games by listening to such soothing groups as Van Halen, ACDC and Metallica.