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ACNACN, Inc. (not an acronym; formerly American Communications Network; Concord, NC)
ACNAustralian Company Number
ACNAccenture (stock symbol)
ACNAdvanced Computer Networks (course)
ACNAfrican Cup of Nations (sporting event)
ACNAutomatic Collision Notification (US DOT)
ACNAustralian College of Nursing
ACNAid to the Church in Need (Catholic charity)
ACNAmerican Communications Network (various locations)
ACNAutomatic Client Netware
ACNAutomatic Crash Notification
ACNAnglican Communion Network
ACNAutomatic Crash Notification (GM OnStar)
ACNAthletic Club Northeast (fitness club; Atlanta, GA)
ACNArabian Computer News (magazine)
ACNAscension Island (STDN Station)
ACNAnglican Church in Nigeria
ACNAssociation for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy
ACNAircraft Classification Number
ACNAcademic Computer Network (various locations)
ACNAdventist Communication Network
ACNAssociation of Camp Nurses
ACNAir Cargo Netherlands
ACNAnimal Compassion Network (North Carolina)
ACNAll Communication Network (various locations)
ACNArea Code Number
ACNAustralian Cancer Network
ACNAmerican Comedy Network
ACNAdvanced Control Network (entertainment lighting)
ACNAnti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
ACNAirborne Communications Node
ACNAgence Chine Nouvelle (French: New China News Agency; China)
ACNAndean Community of Nations
ACNAquatic Conservation Network
ACNAlumni Career Network (various schools)
ACNArchitecture Centre Network (UK)
ACNAmerican Community Newspapers, Inc. (Addison, TX; also seen as ACNI)
ACNAnte Christum Natum (Latin: Before the Birth of Christ)
ACNAustralian Customs Notice (Australian Customs and Border Protection Service)
ACNApple Consultant Network
ACNAlliance Carton Nature (French food packaging recycling association)
ACNAdvance Change Notice
ACNAssociation of Consultants to Nonprofits
ACNArchitectuurcentrum Nijmegen (Dutch: Nijmegen Architecture Centre; Netherlands)
ACNA. C. Nielsen Company (marketing research)
ACNAssociate College Network (UK)
ACNAudit Control Number (banking)
ACNAsamblea Canaria Nacionalista (Canary Nationalist Party)
ACNAssociation de Comptabilité Nationale (French: National Accounting Association; est. 1983)
ACNASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Creative Network (Japan)
ACNAmerica's Collectables Network
ACNAcoustic Neurinoma
ACNAssociate Charge Nurse (Victoria, Australia)
ACNAdaptive C4ISR Node
ACNAdministrative Change Notice
ACNAssign Commercial Network
ACNAutomatic Celestial Navigation
ACNAmerica Coasters Network (roller coasters)
ACNAccount Control Number
ACNAgreement Change Notice
ACNAssociation des Cinéphiles de Nabeul (French: Nabeul Association of Moviegoers; Tunisia)
ACNArea Control Network (computer science)
ACNAlternate Contact Name
ACNl'Association Canadienne de Numismatique (Canadian Numismatic Association)
ACNAustralia Campus Network
ACNAudiotext Communications Network, Inc.
ACNAuthorization Change Notice
ACNAll Commercial Network
ACNAutomobile Club de Nice (French: Automobile Club of Nice; Nice, France)
ACNAbbreviated Contract Number
ACNAction Control Number
ACNAutomatic Change Notification
ACNActivity/Authorized Control Number
ACNAircraft Condition Notice (FAA Form 8620-1)
ACNATM Core Network
ACNAssigned Channel Number
ACNAssignment Control Number
ACNAirborne Communications Network
ACNAthlétic Club Neufchâteau (French athletic club)
ACNAllowance Change Notice
ACNAmérican Car Namurois (French; Belgian car club)
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Application of pesticides and their TPs: Analytical standards of the individual pesticides and the TPs MDIPU and AMPA, dissolved in water: acetonitrile (1:1 v/v), were applied separately to different columns in a single dose at the maximum recommended dose level.
Separation was performed using a gradient elution with mobile phase A consisting of acetonitrile, and mobile phase B consisting of DH2O at a flow-rate of 1.0 ml/min.
Different concentrations of SFV (10 ugmL-1 to 60 ugmL-1) was used to prepare the standard solution as acetonitrile and ammonium acetate buffer (pH 7.6) was used as the mobile phase in a ratio of 50:50.
Grafted copolymers were filtered and thoroughly washed with N,N-dimethylformamide, acetonitrile, ethanol, and diethyl ether to eliminate oligomer and homopolymer that can form in the reaction.
The molar conductance of the nitrate salts of [Ag.sup.+], [Co.sup.2+], [Hg.sup.2+], [Zn.sup.2+], [Ni.sup.2+], [Cu.sup.2+], [Cd.sup.2+], [Mn.sup.2+], [Cr.sup.3+], [Fe.sup.3+] and [Pb.sup.2+] in acetonitrile solvent was monitored as a function of the pyrazoloisoindol derivative ligand to metal ion mole ratio, and the stoichiometry of the complexes in acetonitrile was examined by the mole ratio method at 25[degrees]C temperature.
Figure (5b, 5c) showed heterogeneous, porous surface morphology of Fe-doped TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized in acetonitrile and n-hexane.
The optimum reaction conditions was acetonitrile, temperature reaction 80[degrees]C, [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]/styrene molar ratio equal to 2.5, catalyst loading of 1% mol Ag-1% mol Co, and the catalyst amount of 0.02 g.
Note that the acidity of both analyte and silanol group and thus the dipole-dipole interaction are enhanced in acetonitrile [18].
Figure S2: ECD spectra of VEGF i[M.sub.WT] at pH 5.4 exposed to 0 KCl (mM)/0% acetonitrile, 100 mM KCl by itself, 40% acetonitrile by itself, and both 100 mM KCl/40% acetonitrile present.
Irradiation of azomethine imine 1-4 O solutions in acetonitrile with light of [[lambda].sub.irr] 365 nm results in spectral changes in the characteristic of negative photochromism due to intramolecular photocyclization into diaziridines 1-4 C (Scheme 2), accompanied by a decrease in the intensity of long-wave absorption maxima and the appearance of absorption bands in the short-wave region of the spectrum [10, 30, 31] as shown in Figure 2(a) in the example of compound 1 and in Table 1.
Figure 1(a) displays the absorption spectra of the as-prepared Si-NPs in different coordinating solvents such as ethanol, dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl formamide, dioxane, and acetonitrile. In measuring the absorption spectra of NPs in acetonitrile and ethanol, this transition is broadened and splitted into two bands with maxima at 228 nm and 260 nm and 220 nm and 260 nm, respectively.