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Grade I-Flat transparent acetowhite epithelium, fine calibre and regular vessels with small intercapillary distance.
Grade III-Opaque acetowhite epithelium, irregularly shaped and dilated vessels with variable intercapillary distance and irregular surface contour.
This procedure allowed identification of changes in the epithelium, characterized as a flat or dense acetowhite epithelium, associated or not with fine or thick punctuation/mosaicism.
8%) presented micropapillae at the anal squamous-columnar junction without acetowhite epithelium.
The main abnormalities associated with high-grade lesions in our patient group were dense acetowhite epithelium associated with thick punctuation or mosaic patterns.
Following 5% acetic acid application, a 2-cm x 3-cm area of acetowhite epithelium was observed in the adjoining region (Figure 2).
15] In this case, a high-grade vaginal lesion was expected, based on the dense acetowhite epithelium, coarsely dilated punctation with a wide intercapillary distance, a smooth margin, and multifocal, distinct iodinenegative (a positive Schiller's test result) epithelium.
Atrophy ofthe vagina appears slightly iodine negative but no abnormal vascular changes or acetowhite epithelium are visualized.
9) Abnormal colposcopic findings[unkeyable] Acetowhite epithelium 152 (53.
Colposcopists must be able to differentiate atypical squamous metaplasia findings of acetowhite epithelium and fine, closely spaced vascular patterns from the similar characteristics of low-grade disease.
Frequently, the subtle features of high-grade disease are overlooked, especially when positioned within a larger area of prominent acetowhite epithelium typical of low-grade disease.