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AMAmplitude Modulation
AMAnte Meridiem (period between midnight and noon)
AMAway Message (instant messaging)
AMArea Map (FAA ARTCC mapping of Sector Suites to an Area)
AMAmerican Morning (CNN Morning Show)
AMAction Man (cartoon series)
AMApplication Manager
AMAbove Mentioned
AMAccount Manager
AMApplication Management
AMAve Maria (Latin: Hail Mary)
AMAssistant Manager
AMAir Mass
AMArranged Marriage
AMAmerican Motors (purchased by Chrysler)
AMActive Matrix
AMAssociate Member
AMAssembly Member
AMAnimation Master (3d animation software)
AMAccounts Manager
AMActive Mode
AMAlert Message
AMAccess Method (Sprint)
AMAlyssa Milano
AMAbsent Minded
AMAir Mobile
AMAccounting Management
AMAmen (epigraphy)
AMAddress Management (USPS)
AMAsset Management
AMArctic Monkeys (UK band)
AMArmenia (top-level domain)
AMAston Martin
AMAgricultural and Mechanical
AMAviation Management (US Department of the Interior)
AMAnalysis Manager
AMAccredited Member
AMAlanis Morissette
AMAlma Mater
AMAir Marshal
AMAchievement Medal
AMMember of the Order of Australia
AMAudit Manager
AMAgainst Me! (band)
AMAir Medal
AMAviation Medicine
AMAir Methods (medical helicopter company)
AMAdvanced Manufacturing
AMAuto Map
AMAmazonas (Brazil)
AMActive Monitor
AMAccess Module
AMAccelerated Math
AMApplied Mechanics (various organizations)
AMAndi Mack (TV series)
AMAge-Matched (Z-score used in conjunction with DEXA scan reports)
AMAdhesion Molecule
AMAlonzo Mourning (basketball player)
AMAlternate Mode
AMAntrim (Ireland)
AMAfter Market
AMAdoptive Mother
AMAfore Mentioned
AMAlveolar Macrophages
AMActivity Manager
AMAprès-Midi (French: Afternoon)
AMAlaskan Malamute (dog breed)
AMAeroMexico (IATA Airline Code)
AMArteriovenous Malformation
AMAerospace Medicine (US Navy)
AMAnti Mage (gaming)
AMAseptic Meningitis (illness)
AMArkansas and Missouri (railroad)
AMAir Ministry
AMAkademia Medyczna (Polish: Academy of Medical Sciences)
AMArithmetic Mean
AMAttacking Midfielder (soccer position)
AMAgile Methodology
AMAeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force)
AMAide Mémoire (French:memorandum)
AMActinomycosis (skin disease)
AMAutomod (defunct GameFAQs feature)
AMAsynchronous Mode
AMAbsolute Motion (physics)
AMArts et Métiers (French Engineers School)
AMAccurate Miniatures (Collins-Habovick, LLC; Concord, NC)
AMArrêté Ministériel (Belgium cabinet decree)
AMAviation Metalsmith (US Navy)
AMAlarm Module
AMArthrogryposis Multiplex (genetic defect; cattle)
AMAirfield Management
AMAnte Meridian
AMAgile Modeling
AMArch Mage (gaming)
AMAviation Structural Mechanic (USN Rating)
AMAnno Mundi (Latin: in the year of the world)
AMAlternating Magnetic
AMArchitecture Manager (Intel)
AMAction Memorandum
AMAmplitud Modulada (Guatemala radio frequency)
AMArmy Management
AMAccounts Maintenance
AMAdvanced Mission (game)
AMAfrique Magazine (French: Africa Magazine)
AMAssembly Management
AMAuxiliary Motor
AMAvant Midi (French)
AMAccountability Measure (NMFS - fisheries management)
AMAutomation Module
AMAdvance Mission
AMAttometer (10 E^-18, one quintillionth)
AMAuxiliary Memory
AMAnnuity Mortgage
AMAnalog Multiplexer
AMArtium Magister (Latin: master of arts)
AMAlbert Medal
AMAccommodation Manager
AMActivation Manager
AMAdministrative Module
AMAdeptus Mechanicus (game)
AMAcknowledge Message
AMAlterMeta (web comic discussion)
AMAuxiliary Module
AMAirborne Mapping
AMAnnie Man (Hong Kong actress)
AMAirway Manual
AMAddress Modifier
AMAuthorized Messenger
AMAgent Metal (music composition group)
AMAssociate of Music (degree)
AMAirfield Matting
AMApplication Mediation
AMAppliance Manufacturer Magazine
AMAncient Modulation (humor)
AMAsymmetric Multiplier (NIOSH)
AMAggressive Mechanism
AMAnillo Metropolitano (Guatemala region)
AMAccess Macro Virus
AMAmbulance Module
AMAnalog Maintenance (Nortel)
AMAtlantic Microsystems (Bell Atlantic & Nynex Wireless Cable)
AMAdaptive Multiplexer
AMAuricularis Muscle
AMApplication Mediators
AMAutomated MICAP
AMAgencia de Monitoreo (Guatemala, security agency)
AMAcquisition Management/Manager
AMAutoservizi Meridionali (charter bus company in Naples, Rome and Parma, Italy)
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A previous study in different adherent cells, as PC 12 and NIH3T3, demonstrated that acetoxymethyl ester of calcein (calcein-AM) and ethidium homodimer (EthD-1) were more sensitive in earlier detection of apoptosis when compared to annexin V-FITC/propidium iodide [35].
Isolated cells were loaded with the calcium dye Fura-2 by incubating the cells for 30 min at 14 [degrees] C in 5 [[micro]molar] of the acetoxymethyl ester form of the dye.
2+] spark, isolated ventricular myocytes were loaded with fluo-4 acetoxymethyl ester (5 [micro]M; Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR, USA) and imaged with a Zeiss LSM 710 inverted confocal microscope (Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC, Thornwood, NY, USA) with an excitation wavelength of 488 nM.
After the cell suspensions were transferred into fresh ASW, they were divided into two batches of equal volume per sea pansy, one of which was then loaded with 10 [[micro]molar] calcein acytoxymethyl ester (calcein AM) and the other with 10 [[micro]molar] calcein blue acetoxymethyl ester (calcein blue AM) (Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR) for 15 min at 12 [degrees] C as prescribed by Leys (1995).
The nonfluorescent lipid soluble calcein acetoxymethyl ester (calcein AM), can readily diffuse across the membranes.
We now report that the cell membrane permeable fluorogenic substrate calcein acetoxymethyl (AM) ester, which is converted to an impermeable and fluorescent derivative by esterases, differentially labels the adaxonal glial cells and other structures in the glial sheath surrounding the squid giant axon (GA) and the crayfish medial giant axon (MGA).
Cells were then incubated for 1 hr at 37[degrees]C with dye loading buffer (50 [micro]L/well) containing 10[micro]M SBFI acetoxymethyl ester (AM) and 0.
2+] imaging of BEAS-2B cells was conducted using 2 [micro]M fura-2 acetoxymethyl ester for loading and following a protocol for ratio-metric [Ca.
6]/ml) were loaded for 45 min at 37 CC with 1 [micro]M Indo-1 acetoxymethyl (Indo-AM; Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR, USA).
20 (1H, br s, H-7) together with two acetoxymethyl groups at [[sigma].