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ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHArkansas Children's Hospital (Little Rock, AR)
ACHAir Changes per Hour (ventilation)
ACHAssociation for Computers and the Humanities
ACHAdult Care Home
ACHAnything Can Happen (various meanings)
ACHAnalysis of Competing Hypotheses (intelligence analysis)
ACHAll Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL)
ACHAuthentic Custom Homes
ACHAccess Feedback Channel
ACHAuckland City Hospital (New Zealand)
ACHAluminium Chlorohydrate (salts)
ACHAutomotive Components Holdings (various locations)
ACHAdvanced Combat Helmet
ACHAcute Care Hospital (various locations)
ACHAccess Channel
ACHAcademic Credit Hours
ACHAllen County Hospital (Iola, KS)
ACHArmy Community Hospital
ACHAircraft Hangar (USAF bare base deployable aircraft shelter)
ACHAngeles Crest Highway (California SR2)
ACHAssociation of Children's Hospices (UK)
ACHArea Combined Headquarters
ACHArmada de Chile (Spanish: Chilean Navy)
ACHA Concentrated High (coagulant)
ACHAdrenal Cortical Hormone
ACHAlice Cook House (Cornell University; New York)
ACHAmerican College of Heraldry
ACHAutomated Charge
ACHAttempts per Circuit per Hour
ACHAssociation Coopération Humanitaire (French: Humanitarian Cooperation Association; est. 1992)
ACHAgent Charge (freight forwarding)
ACHAmerican Clearinghouse
ACHAbove Counter Height (construction blueprints)
ACHAssault Craft Helmet (Gentex)
ACHAntenna Selection Reference Signal Channel
ACHAdler-Coppersmith-Hasner (algorithm)
ACHACCS Common Hardware
ACHAverage Call Handle (time; call center metric)
ACHAlpha-Cellulose Hydrolysis
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Starting on that date, same-day ACH credits must be made available to account holders by 5 p.
Quibria noted the $25,000 limit on the size of same-day ACH transactions as a factor that will limit companies' use.
In addition Guardian Analytics has released an infographic, the 2012 Business Banking Trust Study by the Ponemon Institute, which explains varying manipulations of ACH files and the impact fraud has on financial institutions and their client relationships.
Message 1 defines the ACH Network: The ACH Network is the backbone for the electronic movement of money and other related data, providing a safe, secure, reliable network for direct consumer, business, and government payments.
The ACH is supposed to be a technology-based payment system, but it has clung to the same settlement timing schedule for 35 years," Marshall notes.
If a financial institution does not block and report a cross-border ACH transfer and another financial institution does, then it may face civil or even criminal penalties," Salaris said.
While fraud prevention was the key driver in developing ACH Control, the service has other time-saving attributes, LaSalle says.
If the latter effect represents interference with high-affinity choline transport and the resultant deficiency in ACh, then the introduction of ACh or choline should prevent the inhibition.
One of the strongest loyalty indicators in banking today is the ACH relationship.
The ACH is a nationwide system used to process electronically originated credit and debit transfers.
For example, companies that have chosen the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) debit option on the enrollment form automatically will be enrolled in the ACH credit option; however, companies that enrolled in the ACH credit option must check with their financial institutions to make sure they can initiate ACH credits and are eligible to use the ACH system.
ACH Debit: Most taxpayers have no reasonable choice besides this method.