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ACHAAmerican Collegiate Hockey Association
ACHAAmerican College Health Association
ACHAAmerican College of Healthcare Architects
ACHAAssociation for Communal Harmony in Asia
ACHAApplied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (mathematical journal)
ACHAAmerican Catholic Historical Association (Washington, DC)
ACHAAllegheny County Housing Authority (Pittsburgh, PA)
ACHAAmerican College of Hospital Administrators
ACHAAfrican Canadian Heritage Association (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ACHAAustralian Community Health Association
ACHAAdelaide Community Health Alliance (Australia)
ACHAAssociate Commissioner for Health Affairs
ACHAAboriginal Cultural Heritage Act (Australia)
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The ACHA Position Statement on Preventing Sexual Violence on College and University Campuses can serve as an invaluable resource to use when developing programmatic and policy recommendations (ACHA, 2011).
This is an exciting new chapter for ACHA," added Dr.
aaa The Lalla Acha Vocational Training center, considered the largest of its kind in terms of size and capacity, was built part of a large-scale program to construct ten similar centers throughout the Kingdom in partnership between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the Office of Vocational Training and the promotion of Labor (OFPPT).
One particularly remote and inaccessible village that benefited from the solar project is Acha Mazar in the Waras district of Bamiyan province.
According to the guidelines published by the ACHA, mental health services are an integral component of college health services (ACHA, 1999).
As a top provider of safe and affordable housing options, the ACHA provides numerous services to our residents to help them achieve the goal of self-sufficiency through safe and affordable housing.
In 1998 the ACHA initiated a work group to develop the ACHA-NCHA, a survey instrument designed to collect information on a broad range of student health behaviors, indicators, and perceptions.
ACHA Guidelines-Tuberculosis Screening and Targeted Testing of College and University Students.
As part of an attempt to mitigate the problem, the ACHA has participated in Cover the Uninsured Week for the last several years, according to Manchester, who is a former president of the organization.
George Pressler, AIA, ACHA, FHFI 12004 Order of Excellence Awards Jury Chair President of Planning Decision Resources
1 "Emergency Departments: Designing to Heal," James Lennon AIA, ACHA, president of Lennon Associates, will discuss the emergency departments migration from the "back of the house" to the front and center of the hospital.