AchiaAlaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association
AchiaAmerican College of Healthcare Information Administrators (professional association)
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In the year that ACHIA has been up and running, it already is starting to make a difference.
How the son of the Icawawa tribe was to marry Achia the daughter of Chief Lukuwaio.
Como una referencia que puede ser util se resena la experiencia para la conformacion de la Agencia Chilena para la Inocuidad Alimentaria, ACHIA.
Elder Edward Achia said "This hunting camp is one of our most sacred areas and is dear to our people.
Rosen, Achia 1063 A Monroe Avenue #6 Albany CA 94706
STD/ ISD' ( near the entrance) by Israeli artist Achia Anzi is a life- size installation in which the visitor must stand inside the booth for an auditory experience.
Her Indian flatmate Achia Ama, 47, died 10 days after the incident from injuries she suffered as she pulled her to safety.
Desestimacion de la filosofia humanista y practica de la logica capitalista, en la que el profesor es reproductor del conocimiento, es autocratico y achia como centro del proceso educativo.
ACHIA is only for people who have been denied adequate insurance because of a health problem; it does not consider the insurance affordability.
Roots, metal pipes, wire mesh and sand bags -- these are just some of the materials that go into Israeli artist Achia Anzi's ( pictured) 15ft x 20ft project for the Threshold Art Gallery.
The GDN reported on May 8 that relatives of Achia Ama were looking for him to sign documents that would pave the way for her body to be sent home for her funeral.
The mission of ACHIA is to develop innovative concepts in the field of health care information and to promote the advancement of its members in knowledge, professional standing and personal achievements through continuing education and research in health care information administration.