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13 Gassner R, Tuli T, HPound achl O, Moreira R, Ulmer H.
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Group I consisted four isolates with creamy white colony (AcPb, AcOs, AcSl and AcJg), group II contained of four isolates with creamy black colony (AcNd, AcAb, AcAn and AcDl), group III consisted two isolates with off white colony (AcHl and AcSt), group IV consisted two isolates with grayish black colony (AcBd and AcYt), group V consisted two isolates with light gray colony (AcJl and AcNs), group VI consisted three isolates with brown colony (AcWs, AcAk and AcBl), group VII consisted two isolates with olivaceous black colony (AcLt and AcNb) and group VIII consisted a single isolate with yellowish colony (AcAm).
In fast growing category, the seven isolates included were AcPb, AcNd, AcHl, AcWs, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; medium/moderate growing category the six isolates included were AcSt, AcOs, AbBd, AcAb, AcAk and AcLt and in slow growing category the seven isolates included were AcJl, AcYt, AcDl, AcAm, AcNb, AcNs and AcSl.
The group I included about 11 isolates with circular colony and smooth margin, which were AcPb, AcNd, AcHl, AcBd, AcJl, AcYt, AcDl, AcBl, AcAm, AcNb and AcJg.
However, it was excellent (++++) in about eight isolates viz., AcNd, AcHl, AcAb, AcYt, AcWs, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; good (+++) in seven isolates viz, AcPb, AcOs, AcBd, AcJl, AcAk, AcLt and AcNs and fair (++) in five isolates viz., AcSt, AcDl, AcAm, AcNb and AcSl.
However, it was maximum in the isolate AcHl (9.80 [micro]m), followed by AcBl (9.25 [micro]m), AcAn (8.46 [micro]m) and AcJg (8.15 [micro]m); while, in rest of the four isolates (AcPb, AcWs, AcNd and AcOs) the mycelial width was ranged from 7.05 to 7.81 [micro]m.
However, it was highest in the isolate AcHl (16.43 [micro]m), followed by the isolates viz., AcLt (15.24 [micro]m), AcAk(14.65 [micro]m), AcBl (14.34 [micro]m), AcAn (13.45 [micro]m), AcBd (13.03 [micro]m), AcJg (12.96 [micro]m) and AcAb (12.04 [micro]m).
Accordingly, in group A the isolates (04) included were AcHl, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; in group B the isolates (12) included were AcPb, AcNd, AcSt, AcOs, AcAb, AcWs, AcAk, AcLt, AcBd, AcJl, AcYt and AcSl and in group C the isolates (04) included were viz., AcAm, AcNb, AcDl and AcNs.
Manjira (Table 3) and it was ranged from 5.00 (AcDl) to 22.00 (AcHl).
L'ancien ambassadeur Abdullah Al Achl, qui a abdique peu auparavant en faveur du candidat des Freres musulmans Khairat Al Chater, a lui aussi presente son dossier a la HCEP.