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ACHSAAmerican Correctional Health Services Association
ACHSAAssociation of Community Human Service Agencies (Los Angeles, CA)
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The correspondence begins before Elvis actually becomes "The King." He meets Colonel Parker in the midst of the novel and from that point on he isn't as faithful a correspondent as he was previously because, as he explains to Achsa, "my life's like one big giant all night car sale nowadays."
Achsa's character is also quite plausible as equal parts gifted writer and insecure adolescent who very willingly pours out her heart to the kind-hearted Presley and also gives him--at his request--short grammar lessons.
Achsa's parents, who appear regularly in the correspondence, don't fare quite as well under Thomas' pen: they are more worn-out types than fleshed-out characters.
Achsa explains to Elvis that her father "loves God so much it makes him mean." Mr.
Achsa's wealth is suspicious for its origin among the European
talents and labor, but bleeds off Achsa Fielding's capital from
More than 4,000 corrections professionals from the United States and around the world gathered together in Phoenix for the 2000 Winter Conference, which, for the first time, was co-hosted by the American Correctional Health Services Association (ACHSA).
A number of facility tours also were offered during the conference, including the infamous Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's "Tent City." Overall, ACA's first joint conference with ACHSA was a huge success.
The American Correctional Health Services Association (ACHSA) has developed a Code of Ethics for correctional health care providers (see chart at right).
Lynette Mundey, M.D., treasurer of the American Correctional Health Services Association (ACHSA), is the bureau chief of clinical services for the D.C.