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ADFAutomatic Direction Finder/Finding
ADFAlliance Defense Fund
ADFAustralian Defence Force
ADFApplication Development Framework
ADFAcid Detergent Fiber
ADFAutomatic Direction Finder (US DoD)
ADFAustralian Drug Foundation
ADFAssemblée des Départements de France (French: Departments Assembly France)
ADFAmerican Dance Festival
ADFÁr Ndraíocht Féin (Our Own Druidism)
ADFAlternate Day Fasting (dieting)
ADFAsian Dub Foundation
ADFA Druid Fellowship
ADFAfrican Development Fund
ADFAugmented Dickey-Fuller (economics)
ADFAfrican Development Forum
ADFAuto-Darkening Filter (glass)
ADFAdvanced Differential Fabric
ADFAdministration Configuration File
ADFAudio File
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder
ADFAdd Floating
ADFAlarm Distribution Frame
ADFAutomocion Diseno Y Fabricacion
ADFAutomatic Direction Finder
ADFAgent Developing Framework
ADFAcronym Database File
ADFAdapter Description File
ADFAutomated Document Factory
ADFAbuse-Deterrent Formulations (opiod abuse)
ADFAfrican Development Foundation
ADFAllied Democratic Forces (Ugandan insurgents)
ADFAutomatic Document Feed(er)
ADFArbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie (German: Working Group on Digital Photography)
ADFAssociation Dentaire Française (French Dental Association)
ADFAfrican dwarf frog
ADFAeroporto Di Firenze (Firenze, Italy)
ADFAmerica's Development Foundation
ADFApproved Deposit Fund (Australia)
ADFA Diversified Family (est. 2000)
ADFAverage Daily Flow
ADFAlternative Display Facility (NASD)
ADFAir Defense Force
ADFAutomotive Distribution Federation (UK)
ADFAir Defense Fighter
ADFAmiga Disk File
ADFAnnular Dark-Field
ADFAdvanced Dominance Fighter (aircraft; Gründer Industries)
ADFArbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (German Society of Experimental Dermatology)
ADFAnglican Development Fund (est. 1967; Australia)
ADFAssociation des Francophones (French: Association of French Speakers)
ADFAdvance Disposal Fee (Florida)
ADFAccess Control Decision Function
ADFAirline Dispatchers Federation
ADFAlbanian Development Fund (Tirana, Albania)
ADFAutomatically Defined Function
ADFApplication Development Facility
ADFAmsterdam Density Functional package
ADFAuto da Fé (band)
ADFArkansas Defense Force
ADFAstrophysics Data Facility
ADFApplication Descriptor File
ADFAvian Development Facility (space station scientific payload; part of the Space Station Biological Research Project)
ADFAerospace Data Facility (USAF)
ADFAirport Duty Free
ADFAmericas Duty Free (publication: Global Marketing Company Ltd.)
ADFAsymptotic Distribution Free
ADFAustralian Doctors' Fund
ADFAverage Duration of Fades
ADFAirborne Direction Finder
ADFAncillary Data Flag
ADFAfter Deducting Freight
ADFAdvanced Distribution Frame (Telect Inc.)
ADFAdd-Drop Filter
ADFAmerican Dancewheels Foundation, Inc. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
ADFAusbildungsdienst der Formation (Swiss Army)
ADFAnalyse, Développement, Formation (French: Analysis, Development, Training; software development company)
ADFApplication Dependent Format
ADFAirborne Direction-Finding
ADFAuxiliary Detonating Fuze
ADFAdvisory File
ADFAvionics Development Facility
ADFAmplitude Density Function (the probability density of surface height)
ADFAcademy of Dance on Film (Hollywood, California)
ADFAmplify-Decode-and-Forward (protocol)
ADFArgentine Society of Cinematographers
ADFAdministrator's Discretionary Fund
ADFAdditional Deposit Fund (insurance)
ADFAdvanced Development Facility
ADFAddress Decoder Fault
ADFAkuapem Development Foundation (Ghana)
ADFArmy Declassification Facility
ADFArea Delimitation File
ADFAlarm Distribution Frame (Sprint)
ADFAllocation and Distribution of Fires
ADFActivity Address File (claims)
ADFAlveolar Dead Space Fraction
ADFApply Directly to Forehead (band)
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Chemical composition of spent instant coffee grounds Items SICG DM (%) 46.9 [+ or -] 0.02 (1) OM (% DM) 98.2 [+ or -] 0.03 CP (% DM) 10.9 [+ or -] 1.30 EE (% DM) 11.2 [+ or -] 0.05 NDF (% DM) 70.6 [+ or -] 2.53 ADF (% DM) 66.3 [+ or -] 1.12 ADIN (% DM of total N) 68.8 [+ or -] 2.72 SICG, spent instant coffee grounds; DM, dry matter; OM, organic matter; CP, crude protein; EE, ether extract; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber; ADIN, acid detergent insoluble nitrogen.
There was not a significant difference in dry matter, neutral and acid detergent fiber, and neutral detergent fiber digestibility between the three prairie types (P > 0.05) (Figs.
Variables Leucena Sorghum Dry Matter (DM), % 33.213 37.829 Crude protein, % DM 23.617 7.215 Ether Extract, % DM 2.788 2.057 Neutral Detergent Fiber, % DM 69.193 43.566 Acid detergent fiber, % DM 45.044 31.524 Ash, % DM 8.8633 7.5176 Table 2.
Table II.- Effect of chihua pumpkin (Cucurbita argyrosperma) residue on gas production and digestibility of dry matter, neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber after 24 h of in vitro incubation.
During last week for five consecutive days, feces were weighed and mixed daily, and a representative fecal sample was taken for proximate analysis (AOAC, 1990) and neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber determination (Van Soestet al., 1991).
Ground canola residue was enclosed in filter bags (ANKOM Technology Corp., Fairport, NY) for determination of neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), and acid detergent lignin (ADL) using a modification of the Van Soest et al.
The dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and acid detergent fiber (ADF) intakes were calculated.
Dry Matter (DM), Crude Protein (CP), Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF), and Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) were analyzed using the method of Van Soest et al.
The proximate analysis of quality traits showed that there were significant differences detected between varieties in crude protein, neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber. Alfalfa was highly significantly higher in crude protein than Fine Cut and Hay Maker averaging 22.46%, 10.58 and 11.36 % respectively.