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AGRUAcid Gas Removal Unit
AGRUAutomatic Grease Recovery Unit (plumbing)
AGRUApplied Geology Research Unit (University of Brighton; UK)
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The contract includes a new acid gas removal unit, a new sulphur recovery unit, and modifications to utility systems for managing increased feedgas rates to the present liquefied natural gas trains.
Messai'eed's covered construction of a new acid gas removal unit, an amine-sweetening plant, rehabilitation of the sulphur recovery unit, and the supply and installation of compressors and a flared gas system.
These impurities except N2 can be removed from syngas in a downstream acid gas removal unit. Raw syngas coming from gasifier is cooled and solid particulates are removed from the stream before it is sent to downstream units for further processing.
Shell's CRI/Criterion catalysts and a sulphur recovery unit (SRU) will also treat the off gases from the acid gas removal unit. Jazan is to be developed as a new economic city in Saudi Arabia.
Project status Qatar Liquefied Gas Company (Qatargas I) is planning to develop and install a pre-treatment acid gas removal unit (AGRU) and a related sulphur recovery unit (SRU) to maintain the current LNG capacity of 10 million tonnes per year (tpy) until 2030 in Qatar.
Upon completion, the Train 9 project will include gas receiving facilities, acid gas removal unit, dehydration and mercury removal unit, fractionation and liquefaction unit, LNG rundown unit and all the associated utilities and facilities.
Black & Veatch has secured a contract for the licensing technology and related services for sulphur recovery units (SRU) and Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRU) to support natural gas processing on the Jurassic field, a project central to Kuwait Oil Company's (KOC) strategy to increase gas production.