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ACDEPAcid Deposition
ACDEPAssociation of Church Development Projects (Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana)
ACDEPAtmospheric Chemistry and Deposition Model
ACDEPArmy Concept Development and Experimentation Program (US DoD)
ACDEPAir-Conditioned Depot (Eveleigh, NSW, Australia rail facility)
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Guerra Santos, Eds., 2012: Avances y Perspectivas de la Depositacion Acida en Mexico (Advances and Perspectives in Acid Deposition in Mexico).
During the 1990s, acid deposition in the Northeast finally began to decline as a result of the 1990 law, and the EPA, along with a number of leading environmental organizations, began promoting emissions trading as the regulatory wave of the future.
It is believed that as a result of acid deposition on the surface of the automotive coating, these etches are formed.
(27) The first report, due in 1993, required the EPA to report "on the feasibility and effectiveness of an acid deposition standard ...
These pollutants are linked to other atmospheric stresses such as acid deposition, ground-level ozone ([O.sub.3]) and hazardous airborne pollutants (HAPs) which are known to have a wide range of adverse impacts upon aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as significant effects upon environmental and human health.
Hubbard Brook scientists make it clear that they want to bring the latest scientific evidence and research to policy makers at national, state, and local levels, so that sound, science-based, cooperative decision-making can reverse the effects of acid deposition. The introduction to their report says, "The goal is not to advocate particular policy outcomes, but rather to provide scientific information on the likely consequences of potential actions, and to ensure that this information is timely, clear, and widely available."
* Sulfate, a constituent of acid deposition, moves through the system quickly and reductions associated with Clean Air Act regulations have been observed.
One of the biggest problems the states confront in dealing with the interstate air pollution problem is determining the source of the pollution.(109) Computer models have been developed in an attempt to locate the pollution source by simulating natural conditions.(110) The EPA has used computer models to indicate how sensitive areas have responded to emissions reductions in the Clean Air Act, and has provided estimates of acid deposition reductions that would be necessary to achieve a range of environmental goals.(111) This assessment of modeled acid deposition represents one of the first steps to more effectively regulating interstate air pollution and acid rain under Title IV.(112)
They present comparative data (e.g., limnological variables, food web structure) on a number of lake systems in British Columbia and Chile, and discuss changes due to disturbance, increased UV-B radiation, and acid deposition in short- and long-term time scales.
Other nitrogen compounds contribute to smog and acid deposition. They alter the pH and nutrient balance of soils and waters, triggering a cascade of effects (SN: 2/11/95, p.
During the same period, the lakes became more acidic as a result of acid deposition by rain, snow, and fog.
scientists gained national attention by asserting that lakes in the Adirondacks Park region of New York were dying from "acid rain." A number of environmental groups echoed the warning that acid deposition was damaging forests and lakes across the northeastern U.S.